ACUI Automotive Looks to Raise Funds via Indiegogo to Complete the Development of Advanced Car User Interface (ACUI)

Custom hardware and software to best improve the driving experience and Android integration into a car.


Camaiore, Italy -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/31/2014 -- ACUI was born a few months ago from Andrea Farid Marsili’s disappointment due to the absence of a good application for everyone who use their tablets or their Android Smartphone as a media center on their cars. Armed with enthusiasm and patience, he then started developing an application which would satisfy people’s needs in regards of aesthetics and functionality while trying to reduce interaction with standard Android GUI and use of external applications to a minimum. Following various forums, Andrea then noticed that there isn’t a real Android based device with a good hardware and designed specifically to be installed on a automobile.

In order to describe what ACUI is, it is important to describe the four types of set Andrea Farid Marsili will release. The app sets will all have a different GUI and two or more themes and they all designed to match everyone’s tastes.

ACUI Tab Set: This is the original project, a set of four different UIs designed to be used on devices with screens of 6” or more.

ACUI Phone Set: A set of four apps designed to be used inside the car on screens of 5” or less.

ACUI Moto Set: A set of four apps designed to be used by motorcycle riders.

By June, all prototypes will be ready (including the true controllers) along with a first version of all custom launcher for 2Din systems. By July, all applications will be released both on the site and on Google Play Store, and in both cases there will be free updates for life. In September, the final version of the Bluetooth controllers will be released.

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