Acupuncture & Alternative Healthcare Announces Acupuncture Without Needles

Connecticut acupuncture practice now using new Microlight Electro-Acupuncture Therapy technology for treatments without needles


Vernon, CT -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/30/2014 -- Acupuncture & Alternative Healthcare of Connecticut is proud to announce the addition of Microlight Electro-Acupuncture Therapy to their selection of therapeutic treatments for pain and injury relief. This new technique boasts the application of technological advancements in the ancient field of acupuncture by introducing microcurrent color light therapy where traditional, fine needles were once standard implementation. For those seeking relief of chronic pain or pain therapy following an injury or accident, Microlight Electro-Acupuncture (MEA) Therapy can create profound results without the needles, drugs or patient discomfort.

Microlight combines an electric microcurrent and color light therapy. For application, special lighted wands that generate a very small electrical current, or microcurrent, focus the treatment on targeted acupuncture points and pain spots. Microcurrent amp levels are infinitesimal, often so gentle that the patient won’t feel it at all. This new therapeutic approach has been proven to result in the same type of pain relief and improved range of motion that traditional acupuncture patients seek treatment for, but in reduced time and without the discomfort sometimes caused by the needles. Microlight therapy relieves pain quickly and boasts long-term results.

Traditionally, acupuncture is known as a health science focused on the treatment of pain and bodily dysfunction by targeting the energy network just below the surface of the skin. The acupuncturist works in concert with the body’s circulatory, nervous, muscular and digestive systems to achieve pain relief without the use of surgery or pharmaceutical medication. By stimulating this inherent energy system, harmony and health are restored to the body. MEA therapy’s unique combination of gentle microcurrents and colors of therapeutic light relieve pain very rapidly and effectively, with typical treatments ranging from 10-30 minutes, and is effective at treating symptoms of low back pain, sciatica, neck and shoulder pain , knee pain, headaches, peripheral neuropathy, carpal tunnel pain, hip pain, plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow and more. To learn more about MEA therapy and the treatments available at Acupuncture & Alternative Healthcare, visit their website at

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