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Acupuncture Could Provide Relief for COPD Symptom, As Per Internal Medicine Study

Small study shows ancient medicinal technique could soothe breathing difficulty in patients


Plano, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/25/2012 -- A new study demonstrated that the Chinese therapeutic tradition of inserting needles into the skin may relieve breathing in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) sufferers.

According to this academic work published in the Archives of Internal Medicine in June, acupuncture could potentially treat COPD, a condition characterized by weakening of the lungs. The researchers found that the technique alleviated breathlessness in COPD patients during exercise.

“The findings from this small study seem remarkable. However, I would like to see a similar study conducted for a larger sample size before we start to draw conclusions,” stated K. Chatman, founder of Massage Therapy Marketplace.

Devotees of acupuncture believe it balances the flow of energy through the body, translating into positive health corollaries. The World Health Organization suggests acupuncture may alleviate substance abuse, aside from lung conditions like bronchitis. Meanwhile, the National Institutes of Health claimed acupuncture could tone down back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, chemotherapy-induced nausea, fibromyalgia, and other medical conditions.

"Acupuncture decongests channel blockages throughout the body. Scientifically speaking, acupuncture purportedly can spur the brain into secreting chemicals that modify physiological processes like breathing and metabolism for the better,” Mr. Chatman added.

For 10+ weeks, several COPD patients in the study underwent two kinds of acupuncture; one authentic and the other a placebo. Researchers found the group that received authentic acupuncture eased breathing more and fared better at breathing during a walking test.

“As mentioned earlier, these findings are promising as a potential cure for a lung ailment. However, more replicated studies are perhaps necessary. Also, acupuncture techniques are yet to be standardized, further impeding the practice’s vindication as a COPD treatment,” K.A. Chatman concluded.

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