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‘Acupuncture Health Associates’ to Conduct Study on Acupuncture as a Way to Treat Eye Condition


Westfield, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/17/2012 -- According to statistics, about one in 4,000 people in the United States has been diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa (RP), an eye disease that causes damage to the retina. The condition typically runs in families and often causes people to have problems with night vision, as well as an average loss of vision of 3 to 6 percent per year. The chief sign of the condition is the appearance of dark deposits in the retina.

For years, Dr. Andy Rosenfarb from Acupuncture Health Associates in Westfield and Watchung, New Jersey, has been interested in the way acupuncture can often be used as an effective retinitis pigmentosa treatment.

Dr. Rosenfarb is a Naturopath and Licensed Acupuncturist as well as one of the world’s leading experts in treating degenerative eye conditions, including retinitis pigmentosa, glaucoma, and macular degeneration.

In order to further evaluate the effect that micro acupuncture can have on the eye condition, Dr. Rosenfarb is launching a research study designed to determine the effect that acupuncture can have on retinitis pigmentosa.

“The initial study will be relatively small, with 12-15 participants,” Dr. Rosenfarb said.

“Each patient will receive daily acupuncture treatments for a two week period. Participants will have vision testing done periodically in order to monitor improvement. Vision testing will be done before, during and after the 10 day course of treatment and we are expecting to conclude the study in the early spring of 2012.”

Although he is predicting a positive outcome from his relatively short-term study, Dr. Rosenfarb said that the real benefits of acupuncture retinitis pigmentosa treatments are seen more in the long-term.

“Having worked with many RP patients over an 8-12 year period, the vision preservation benefits have become quite evident based on our subjective and objective measurements,” he noted, adding that although acupuncture is not an actual cure for RP, it can often slow, arrest and in some cases even recover lost vision to certain degree.

Dr. Rosenfarb is looking forward to the launch of his study and learning more about how and why micro acupuncture can be a highly effective therapy for managing RP.

“Its effects can stimulate blood flow and oxygen to the retina, stimulate the optic nerve and retinal nerve cells and facilitate detoxification of ocular waste products,” he explained.

About Acupuncture Health Associates
Dr. Andy Rosenfarb is the Clinical Director and founder of Acupuncture Health Associates, one of the largest and most reputable acupuncture practices in the country. Dr. Rosenfarb specializes in helping people with degenerative eye conditions. He is currently among the world’s leading experts in the field of holistic eye health. For more information, please visit http://www.acupuncturehealth.net