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Acutech Network Discusses the Importance of Disaster Recovery Services


Orange, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/20/2016 -- In a world where cyber threats are common and steadily increasing, a reliable security system is an invaluable asset, especially since it is the best form of protection from threats such as unauthorized intrusion and data theft. However, if the IT network's security system has already been breached, it may be impossible to resolve the issue. According to IT solution provider Acutech Network Services, the best way to prevent losses is to implement some kind of disaster recovery plan before a problem this big arises. The company, which offers a wide range of IT related services, discusses how their data and disaster recovery services can help businesses minimize damage caused by data theft, unauthorized intrusion, and even natural calamities.

Statistics reveal that more than 40% of businesses that have not implemented a disaster recovery plan go out of business after suffering a major loss caused by natural calamities, a break-in, or sabotage. Acutech believes that a temporary setback will not necessarily turn into a permanent failure if a business sets up a recovery plan in advance. As a disaster recovery plan provider, Acutech will design a comprehensive plan for their client. The company will work closely with the client to capture the key scenarios, communication plans, key players, and collect all the necessary information needed to ensure the client's business continuity.

Acutech's Disaster Recovery service makes use of an appliance from Datto (an international leader in planning, disaster recovery, business continuity, onsite and cloud backup) as well as their scenario-driven Disaster Recovery Playbook. The client's environment will be replicated locally to the onsite Datto appliance every 15 minutes, and the data will be streamed to two out-of-state datacenters in case a disaster strikes. This limits data loss to only 15 minutes, making the service extremely beneficial.

According to Acutech, they have designed this solution because most disasters are software or hardware related, and they believe the cheapest initial recovery should be local. Even if the client's server infrastructure goes down, Acutech can have them back up and running on the local DR environment in just a matter of minutes as long as the Datto box is onsite.

In times of local disasters like flood, earthquake or fire, the client can run their entire operation from the HIPAA compliant Datto Cloud. Acutech will work closely with Datto's 24/7 team to spin up virtual instances of the client's environment. Their staff will simply point their computers to the cloud instead of the company servers, and they can keep working with minimal delay.

Recently, Dick VerWayne, CEO of Magnus Mobility reached out to Acutech with a concern for his business. Magnus' dependence on technology had grown significantly over the years and he was worrying about what to do if a natural disaster or unfortunate event occurred and took their systems offline. Being that Magnus has 7 stocking locations across the country, the system going offline for just an hour would cause turmoil as they wouldn't be able to generate sales, take and distribute orders or service their customers effectively. After working with Acutech, Magnus Mobility has an accurate data protection and disaster recovery plan in place.

Seeing as data is just as important as any business resource for most companies, Acutech strives hard to protect their clients' data using solutions that have been proven to work.

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