Adam Ali and Coach Dayne Release the Athletic Mind Gym Video Course Program


Toronto, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/01/2014 -- Athlete Adam Ali (a.k.a ADAMwontLOSE) of (, and Coach Dayne of The 1% Mindset ( just released their motivational video course program, The Athletic Mind Gym: How to Become a Top Performing Athlete ( It’s a guide designed to elevate athletes to Elite level in their respective sport by developing mental toughness.

With Ali’s professional athlete status and strong online presence, and Coach Dayne’s years of coaching experience, the two motivational leaders joined forces to provide the masses with the tips and tricks they need to become top ranking on the field. They set out to motivate and inspire people, and teach them how to apply the knowledge they gain to the betterment of their atheltic training through their video course program.

This course is geared towards aspiring athletes, athletes of all ranks (from novice to elite), those seeking excellence or in need of upping their game, coaches or trainers, and action-takers. Many sportsman want to gain more confidence, become better leaders, be the best of the best, and take care of their bodies to perform at optimal level, but don’t have the skill-set to do it on their own. The Atheltic Mind Gym provides the mindset needed to reach those heights, with 20 “In your face” videos intented to fire up men and women to their athlete training goals immediately. It covers a variety of topics such as athletic physiology – optimizing mind and body for top performance and achievement, seeking motivation to lead to success, exercises to master, as well as presents case studies of Kobe Bryant and Bruce Lee. The video is separated into four sections, and includes valuable bonuses such as a meal plan, a workout routine, a commitment contract, and more. For $24, the course offers over 23 lectures, and two hours worth of content. It equips athletes with the mental tools to thrive in their game, and educates them on what it takes from a physiological and psychological perspective to exceed performance and expectations. The program helps its students build and foster habits that drive them to their achievements faster than they normally would. Whatever the reason may be, this course fulfills all the requirements needed to become a top ranking athelte.

With excellent ratings and reviews, lifetime access to the material, and backed up by a solid 30-day money back guarateed policy, there’s no risk for viewers of losing out on this opportunity. With already 420 students enrolled in this program since its release, it’s proven worthy of its claims.

Instructor Adam Ali said “Being focused is just not enough, you need to be laser focused.” Coach Dayne quotes “You got to be obsessed. If its failing then fail forward. Be obsessed with your goals,” both men taking cues from former pro athlete Bo Jackson, who once said “Set your goals high, and don't stop till you get there.”

About Adam Ali and
Adam Ali is a fitness professional/online personality, and community worker, jet-setting his followership to attaining their athletic goals. His brainchild,, is a website dedicated to manifesting, enlightening, and encouraging inspirational living through videos. It’s a lifestyle brand stemming from content meant to motivate and promote action to live life to its fullest by engaging with communities across several cities, and creating opportunities for all. It offers motivational presentations, individual, group, children/youth sessions, and specialized sports fitness training to all levels, as well as personalized workout programs, and customized meal plans.

About Coach Dayne and The 1% Mindset
Coach Dayne changed his life with this simple declaration “I’m sick of it!” He turned it around from years of insecurity, and acceptance of mediocrity, to a life of confidence and passion. He has set out to pulling others as well out of their struggles of self-imposed limitations, and fear-based mindsets. With many years of experience as a professional athlete and coach under his belt, he created The 1% Mindset. His foundation provides people with services such as individual or team coaching, coach training, mentoring sessions, as well as motivational speaking to groups and organizations, to help them elevate their expectations through focus and dedication.

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