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Adam Meyer, Renowned Sports Handicapper, Proves He Is Also a Philanthropist With $20,000 Donation


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/20/2012 -- For more than two decades, sports gamblers and celebrities have been turning to Adam Meyer, the world’s No. 1 sports handicapper and President and CEO of Real Money Sports Inc., for help making educated and profitable bets. His uncanny ability to consistently win and renowned title as an expert sports strategist and consultant have launched him into stardom, with past features or references in USA Today, ESPN Insider, CNBC, The Wall Street Journal, E! TV, Cigar Aficionado, The Las Vegas Review Journal and more.

The operator of adamwins.com even recently started Real Money Sports Magazine, which can now be found at stores across the country.

To add to his list of accomplishments and services, Adam Meyer handicapper has proven himself as an active and generous philanthropist.

Meyer recently donated $20,000 to the American Cancer Society in honor of his personal trainer Billy Beck III, who ran 50 miles in the Relay For Life in Weston, Florida. The substantial donation helped make the Weston Relay For Life the No. 1 American Cancer Society fundraiser for Broward County.

Meyer, who recently lost his grandfather to cancer, said he decided to sponsor Beck once he found out he was running the double marathon in an effort to raise money for cancer research.

The famous Las Vegas handicapper has also been involved with other charities, including Make-A-Wish Foundation, Children Battling Cancer, Kids in Distress and more.

As with any sport or process involving risk and money, Meyer is no stranger to critics of his handicapping methods. While there are some unfavorable comments regarding his techniques or reports of an Adam Meyer scam, the majority of Adam Meyer reviews and Adam Wins Reviews showcase him as a reputable and reliable sports consultant, especially those by long-time clients.

According to Meyer, “Sports gambling can be compared to the stock market. Buying stocks over the long haul is typically more profitable than buying and selling in quick spurts. The same goes for sports betting.”

Meyer furthers his trust with clients by betting his own money alongside his clients wagers.

To learn more about Adam Meyer’s generous $20,000 donation, visit http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20120612005141/en/Adam-Meyer-Nations-Top-Sports-Handicapper-Donates

About Adam Meyer
With more than 23 years of experience in the sports handicapping business, Adam Meyer is the world’s No. 1 handicapper. Meyer runs Real Money Sports, a sport handicapping service that specializes in helping gamblers become profitable bettors by following his advice and wagers. It is estimated that each week approximately $10 million is wagered based on his recommendations.