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Adapting Workouts During Injury Recovery


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/26/2013 -- No matter how careful we are, injuries are a part of life. They can happen during the course of a workout, appear over time as the result of overtraining, stress, or improper form, or just happen while we’re walking down the icy streets. No matter how an injury happens, it’s important to know how to treat the injury and continue being active during the span of recovery.

While rest is important and staying off the injured body part for a period of time allows repair, a fitness routine shouldn’t be completely abandoned. Exercises can be altered to accommodate the injury, and keep the remaining muscle groups strong by preventing atrophy during the recovery period.

If a person has experienced injuries to the knees or hips and is advised to refrain from squats or lunges, there are other ways to work the legs without using these exercises. Ball squats can offer support to the back and knee joints, in addition to teaching the person how to do the exercise correctly (with weight focused in the heels rather than on the balls of the feet). Lunges can be altered into a bench step up, with all the body weight centered into the heel to ensure proper distribution and protect the injured joint while strengthening the surrounding muscles.

Injuries to the upper body can be changed as well by using lighter weights, or changing to adapted styles or alternative exercises. Military presses can be changed to focus more on the deltoids than the shoulders, which will strengthen the surrounding muscle groups and assist in recovery. Make sure to use light enough weights to allow for total control or even resistance bands to strengthen both directions of the movement.

Before adapting any exercise to compensate for injury, or resuming a workout program, consult with a physician for permission – especially for major injuries that required casting or surgery. Taking this preventative step will not only increase recovery time, but prevent another injury from occurring as the person resumes their normal activities.

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