Add Life and Decor to Any Interior Space with Artificial Flowers and Plants from BLOOMR


Dubai, UAE -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/21/2018 -- BLOOMR, a well respected artificial plants supplier in Dubai, offers one of the largest selections of artificial flowers and plants. Unlike natural flowers and plants, these artificial flowers and plants require virtually no maintenance, except only a light dusting every couple of months. When it comes to gift giving, unlike fresh flowers that are prone to wilt, artificial flowers can be kept as a memento for years to come. Their artificial flowers and plants are widely used in home decoration, wedding decoration, and by interior designers from across the globe.

BLOOMR is one of the largest marketplaces providing artificial flowers and plants at the most competitive prices. Their artificial flower arrangements and artificial potted plants are always crafted using the highest quality materials and always designed by real florists. They offer artificial plants and flowers in a wide range of colors, designs and styles. There is definitely something for everyone in their range of products. The wide range of artificial flowers and plants they offer includes Rose Arrangements, Orchid Arrangements, Mixed Flower Arrangements, Lavender Arrangements, Potted Succulents & Cactus, Potted Boxwoods, Potted Herbs and many others. Interested in their products, visit now, and order the perfect artificial flowers and plants for any home or office, plus they offer free shipping!

Talking more about their artificial flowers and plants, one of their representatives stated, "Usually, people look for elegance and beauty in the floral arrangements and our artificial flowers are designed with the essence of beauty and elegance. These products are can be used for decorating homes, wedding venue and other places as per your needs. All of our products don't depend on weather changes so you will not have to worry about their care and maintenance."

Florist by trade, Swedish by birth, and interior enthusiast in soul, owner and creative director, ZoZo, launched his brainchild, BLOOMR, as a passion project in 2017. Their products are characterized by simplicity, minimalism and functionality. The idea that beautiful and functional everyday objects should not only be affordable to the wealthy, but to all, is a core theme in Swedish Culture, and with important meaning to ZoZo, that theme resonates in all of the BLOOMR products.

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