D.J. McCoy

Director of the Film "Adderall" Launches a Crowdfunding Project


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/16/2013 -- With a short film in preproduction and an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign DJ McCoy - the 15 year-old Director of “Adderall” intends to make a world of difference to those misdiagnosed with ADHD and the families who love them. Poised to bring awareness he is creating the story of a teen by the name of Daniel Grey who is misdiagnosed with ADHD and prescribed the controversial drug Adderall which then results in pain, hardship, abuse and mental rehabilitation. The five minute short nonfiction film is filled with both drama and suspense. “Daniel faces what so many kids face, the daily torture of watching their mothers being abused by their fathers.” said McCoy. “It’s no wonder that as the film progresses we see Daniel’s anxiety problems worsen despite the fact that he’s in the later months of his treatment with the drug that’s meant to help him cope.”

The film shows its main character as he begins to take more of the drug, abusing it to feel calm, and thereby begins to meet with what can only be described as “strange things” by the film’s director. “Daniel starts to encounter strange paranormal events.” added McCoy. At this point, with his world utterly turned upside down, he begins to try a new approach to his anxiety attacks.

Bringing the focus to the harmful affects of Adderall abuse McCoy’s film will highlight the dangerous increase to blood pressure, high pulse rates, irregular heart rate, difficulty breathing, chest pain, seizure activity, paranoid delusions, depression, lack of appetite, inability to sleep, abdominal pain and restlessness associated with the drug. “Just the weight loss alone is really hard to watch. In my experience I’ve seen friends waste away due to the effects of Adderall.” added McCoy.

McCoy’s film asserts that currently ADHD is over diagnosed in 10% of children worldwide who are then prescribed Adderall for treatment. “What many people don't know is that the drug is very dangerous. I think the symptoms that lead to the prescription of Adderall are very real however there may be something more here that needs to be explored. My film will do that.” said McCoy.

Crowdfunding perks include a digital copy of the film, special thanks in the film’s credits and Associate and Executive Producer credits for a $300 and $1,000 donation respectively.

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