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Addiction Healer Cures Addiction Without FDA Approved Holistic Methods

Clients End their Addictions Permanently with Cutting-Edge Treatments at The Holistic Sanctuary


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/21/2013 -- After nearly five years of perfecting a holistic approach to curing addictions, founder Johnny The Healer has developed an exclusive program that is proven effective. The Holistic Sanctuary is a drug and alcohol treatment center that combines cutting-edge technology with innovative therapies. Clients enter into unique programs with heroin addiction, alcoholism and opiate addiction and leave as productive individuals with healthy minds, bodies and spirits. This California treatment center is more than just a rehabilitation facility; it is a transformative experience that guarantees a cure for suffering addicts.

Johnny The Healer founded The Holistic Sanctuary after struggling with his own addictions and discovering better treatment options than those practiced in western medicine. He possesses first-hand knowledge that AA meetings, 12-step programs and prescription medications do not work. In fact, these methods produce only a ten-percent success rate, and most participants end up relapsing. Johnny’s methodologies involve holistic drug and alcohol treatments that target the mind, body, emotions and soul for a real cure.

The Exclusive Treatment Process the “Pouyan Method”

In order to begin the recovery process, clients at The Holistic Sanctuary must cleanse the mind and body. By extracting the toxic thoughts and chemicals, addicts will gain the ability to open their minds to new and healthy behavior. Detoxification through Ibogaine treatment is the first step of the program.

Pouyan Method is Not Found Anywhere Else in the World

The Holistic Sanctuary is most famous for its exclusive brain repair therapy Pouyan Method. When asked to share his secrets, Johnny The Healer refused to release any specifications of the Pouyan Method due to the risk of other facilities stealing his methods. His website does feature impressive brain scans that show before and after images of damaged tissue that was completely restored. Every client receives a personalized regimen based upon physical evaluations, symptoms and history. This customized therapy heals physical brain damage caused by addictions, chemicals and medications. No other center has ever claimed such incredible results.

Addiction negatively impacts the entire body over years of abuse and dependency. The Holistic Sanctuary offers numerous treatments to remove toxins, replace nutrients and improve functions for a healthy body. With EEG technology used by astronauts and athletes, professional healers can identify and reverse negative thought patterns in order to stop addiction completely. Purification treatments, such as chelation and hydrotherapy, remove toxins from the body and restore optimal functioning of organs. Clients can boost their immune systems and improve their circulatory systems through ozone and infrared light therapies.

The body's nutritional status drops significantly with addictive patterns of behavior, so staff members replace their clients' stores through several services. The immune repair wellness drip is an IV full of vitamins and minerals that replenish the body with each treatment. Chefs prepare organic meals that are healthy and deliciously satisfying. Clients enjoy five-star accommodations in an environment that is conducive to relaxation. The Holistic Sanctuary promotes good health and peace so that clients can focus on the issues of addiction and recovery.

Innovative Therapies for the Mind and Spirit

To completely cure addictions, holistic healers provide the tools for achieving inner peace and mastering self-awareness. The Holistic Sanctuary offers a number of different therapies that help patients overcome negative thought patterns and learn positive behaviors. Motivational counseling teaches self-empowerment and relapse-prevention coaching ensures sobriety for life. Under hypnotherapy, clients can discover their triggers, release negative patterns and take control of their minds. At this holistic drug and alcohol treatment center, patients can transcend different states of consciousness through various means, such as meditation, martial arts, rituals and prayer. Qualified counselors guide each client through the emotional stages of recovery in order to strengthen the mind, body and soul and defeat the bonds of addiction.

Johnny The Healer invites anyone who is struggling with addiction or has a loved one battling dependency to learn more about The Holistic Sanctuary. The California facilities offer luxurious amenities and the best healing services available in a relaxing environment. Visit the website to find out more about the innovative technology and therapy that cures addictions for life.

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