Joe Bragg Produces Comprehensive Guide to Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/21/2012 -- Chemical addiction is a true medical illness that deserves expert professional treatment. It is easy to go from abusing a substance to becoming addicted to one, addiction is not discriminatory. An adult can become addicted to illegal and prescription drugs-as well as alcohol-just as easily as a teen can. When abuse has crossed the line into addiction, finding the right treatment plan and the appropriate treatment center is essential to the recovery process.

A new site,, hopes to become a conduit for recovery with a comprehensive guide to the best addiction recovery centers in the United States. offers visitors a simple navigation style with each addiction getting its own category for rehab centers. Another useful function is the ability to search for centers by state, which are then broken down by county. However does not stop there, they offer a full breakdown of the services and costs that each institution provides. Another popular resource is the health insurance plans guide, which details which health insurance plans may provide coverage for addiction recovery centers. stresses the importance of not going it alone when seeking to overcome an addiction and explains why medical help is a necessity. “When you no longer are drinking or using a drug occasionally to have fun or get high, you are an addict and you need help. Thinking you can tackle detox on your own is not only foolish, it's dangerous,” says a spokesperson from “People die from severe withdrawals. You need to be medically monitored. While some people in alcohol and drug rehab centers may only experience mild and uncomfortable withdrawal effects like tremors, night sweats and nausea, others will experience hallucinations, convulsions and seizures.”

The site also features some resources that are particularly useful for those seeking treatment and their family members. These in-depth articles include valuable advice on addiction recovery, drug addiction therapy, symptoms of alcoholism and vital information on Cirrhosis.

Many sites solely focus on the recovering addict but realizes how important it is to educate family members and loved ones. The site tackles this issue head on with crucial features on how to conduct an intervention, and how to cope and support an addicted spouse or loved one.

About AddictionRecovery is a free resource that helps to connect the victims of drug or alcohol dependency with certified treatment centers across the USA. The site also provides insightful statistics and advice for recovering addicts and family members.

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