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Address Healthcare Industry Challenges with Help from the Medical Laundry Services of ImageFIRST Portland


Portland, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/06/2016 -- Over the last couple years, the medical industry has experienced a myriad of changes that have sparked new challenges for healthcare facilities. As a consequence of numerous consumerism-based factors such as the rapidly increasing use of internet communication between customers and companies, the administering of the CAHPS surveys, and the Affordable Healthcare Act of 2010, healthcare facilities have been shifting their focus.

Healthcare facilities need to concentrate on three main business areas that need improvement to conquer the obstacles of the medical field – cost management, the patient experience, and infection prevention. The high-quality medical provider of nurse scrubs and other products in Salem, OR, ImageFIRST Portland, provides remarkable healthcare laundry services that are designed to aid in these areas of focus.

ImageFIRST Portland aims to assist the healthcare facilities they serve with addressing industry shifts such as enhancing the patient experience. Their products and laundry services are created with the patient in mind to help healthcare facilities generate positive impressions. The laundry provider offers a patient-focused collection of quality gowns called the Comfort Care line. The gowns are fabricated with an exceptionally soft material to provide patients with coziness, warmth, and comfort while they are being treated, guaranteed to improve perception of a facility.

When medical facilities partner with the laundry services of ImageFIRST Portland in OR for medical uniform garments and other products, they are given cost management assistance as part of the ValueFIRST initiative. ValueFIRST is beneficial for merging healthcare facilities looking to streamline their services or healthcare facilities that are focused on consolidation. By putting ValueFIRST, ImageFIRST Portland promises to be the cost-effective solution for laundry sourcing by providing their customers with comprehensive cost management through inventory control, transparent billing, and easy-to-read invoices.

Diminishing Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAIs) remains as an ongoing objective for medical facilities across the country, and the effort is noticeable throughout the field. Recently, the Joint Commission – a nonprofit organization that accredits programs and healthcare groups - created a new safety patient officer position, anointing Ronald M. Wyatt, MD, MHA, as the first to take on the role. Sharing the same passion, ImageFIRST Portland aims to help minimize HAIs by providing AssuranceFIRST that their services exceed the infection prevention standards of the industry. The laundry provider assures that their delivery and laundering processes protect patients and medical staff from HAIs even after their medical products have left their location, with an advanced wash process that eliminates up to 99.999% of germs and plastic barrier encasements.

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About ImageFIRST Portland
Founded in 1967, ImageFIRST is the largest and fastest growing national linen rental and laundry service specializing in the outpatient medical market. ImageFIRST's 36 locations nationwide serve over 5,500 medical offices every week, providing linen, patient gowns, scrubs and much more while partnering with facilities to better manage linen inventory. With a customer retention rate of over 95%, ImageFIRST is dedicated to improving patient satisfaction through quality linens and remarkable service: their Comfort Care gowns product line increases patients' favorable perception of a facility by more than 50%.

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