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Address Properties Expands Database of High-End Spanish Real Estate Listings

Many of Spain's most beautiful, desirable properties now listed in company's online database at, Address Properties reports


Barcelona, Spain -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/06/2015 -- Address Properties, a leading luxury real estate agency, announced a new wave of additions to the company's database of Spanish properties for sale and rent. With nearly 150 carefully selected, expertly designed and renovated properties now listed on the company's website at, the database features many of the highlights of the real estate markets in Barcelona, Catalonia, and throughout Spain. Making it simple and profitable for investors to get involved in Spanish real estate, Address Properties employs a staff of skilled designers, architects, real estate professionals, and others who see every project through to completion.

"Spain has a reputation for having many beautiful properties located in wonderful places to live," Address Properties co-founder and co-CEO Andrada Camelia said, "As our newly updated listing database shows, there are plenty of good reasons for that belief. We have just added some of the country's most desirable properties, thanks to the successful completion of a number of recent projects with our partners. As always, we stand ready to help any client acquire and renovate another of Spain's many real estate gems."

As the nationwide economy of Spain took an especially hard hit in the most recent recession, the country's real estate market fell into a deep rut. With Spain's GDP growing consistently for two years now, according to its Instituto Nacional de Estadistica, though, the tides have shifted. Investors and others are now taking a close look at real estate in Spain and finding appealing properties at bargain prices, with the Bank of Spain predicting 4.2% growth in investment for this year and nearly 7% for the year to come.

Address Properties is one of the country's most prominent and successful partners for investors looking into what the Spanish real estate market has to offer. Leveraging their deep knowledge of the country's real estate market and network of connections with many of its top agents, Address Properties experts seek out properties that best suit the goals and preferences of clients.

Thereafter, Address Properties architects and designers create the plans needed to fulfill those dreams, with the company's managers overseeing work done by skilled contractors until each project is finished. Renovated properties can then either be sold or rented out by Address Properties on behalf of their new owners, or taken over by clients for rental, sale, or habitation as they wish.

With the new expansion of the company's database, the Address Properties collection of properties for sale and rent stands at an all-time high. There is no better way to get a feel for what the thriving Spanish real estate market has to offer than to browse the listings at the Address website.

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A full-service luxury real estate company with a focus on providing personalized assistance to investors, Address Properties combines a deep knowledge of the Spanish real estate market with a range of related services, including property sourcing, legal counsel, architecture, design, sales, and rental management, all delivered at the highest level.