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‘AddressGermany.com’ Allows Customers from All over the Globe to Purchase Products from Popular German Retailers


Kaufbeuren, Germany -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/22/2011 -- As anyone who has ever tried to buy something from a German retailer has learned firsthand, most German businesses do not have an English version of their website and they do not typically accept international credit cards for payment. This can make it very difficult for customers who do not speak German or have a local address to be able to complete their desired purchase.

A website has been receiving a lot of attention lately for its ability to help its clients buy any item from a legal German website or business and have it forwarded to their home.

AddressGermany.com is the market leader in international package forwarding from Germany. As an article on the company’s website explained, consumers and business owners worldwide can benefit from setting up an address in Germany for package and mail forwarding services.

“Our services allow consumers around the globe to buy goods from most popular German brands and retailers,” the article said.

“Additionally our Germany shopping page is a very rich resource for German products. Our members can purchase lots of items in secure and comfort. We then ship the goods to their home. Every package can be tracked online through our website.”

Using an online account at AddressGermany.com, members simply complete an order form listing what types of products are on the wish-list to be purchased. Through the website’s free Personal Shopper service, employees of the company will purchase the requested items via a German Bank account transaction and sell it to the customer for the cost of the item, plus a 3 percent credit card processing cost. As long as the requested item is not on the website’s prohibited list, the order will then be sent out immediately to the lieferadresse.

“The service is a safe, legal way to enjoy the enormous selection of goods available in German marketplace right from your computer,” an article on the company’s website noted, adding that customers typically buy from popular German retail websites, from eBay Auctions and even from German wholesalers. Currently, clients from over 200 countries are working with AddressGermany.com

The services that the website provides are also useful for German citizens who are living overseas; by using the mail forwarding feature these customers may continue receiving mail including catalogues, magazines, first class mail and more.

About AddressGermany.com
AddressGermany.com provides international package forwarding and mail forwarding service to customers all across the world. The website’s Personal Shopper feature allows people who might otherwise not have their international credit card accepted purchase items from popular German retailers. The website receives more than 4.000€ Personal Shopper requests every day. For more information, please visit http://www.addressgermany.com