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Adela Queen Upholds Social Responsibility with High-End Faux Fur Lineup


Hong Kong, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/22/2015 -- Adela Queen remains adamant in upholding their social responsibility of producing and retailing high-end faux fur coat because they firmly believe that no one should wear anything expensive at the cost of animal lives. Millions of animals are killed for the sake of producing real fur in the fashion industry. They know that the demand is high but a mink jacket could have killed cute foxes, seals, and squirrels. Rather than investing on something cruel, they invested on a worthy Adela Queen faux mink jacket, which is just like the real fur without the additional weight that their customer would wear something out of bloodshed.

"The right to pursue beauty over any other endeavors is a given for anybody, we respect that being part of the fashion industry, but we also respect the rights of animals to an ethical life," says an official company representative.

This is the reason why no fur coats under the Adela Queen brand is made from real animal fur. In replacement, they have instead perfected the faux fur production technology up to its fifth generation. This esteemed 100% handmade quality that has been preserved for years has produced faux coats that have been regulars at Paris French PVs or Premier Vision.

The technology makes the coat look real, better than real fur in gloss, but having the fraction of a cost of real fur coats.

"We encourage interested buyers and some repeat customers to sign up as a registered member on our website for us to be able to easily facilitate any new orders you may have in the future. This too will help a lot in any cases of refunds or exchange," adds company representative. The website also features easy to use currency options to better facilitate the needs of international buyers.

Adela Queen can tailor-make any size and style and ships worldwide, taking 2-4 business days within the USA and 3 to 5 business days elsewhere. Shipments are delivered either via UPS, Fedex, or DHL while payments can be processed either through PayPal, and most major credit cards.

Meanwhile, the ecommerce shop is also offering limited sales offer for 21 carefully crafted faux fur clothes and accessories ranging from jackets to full-on coats. Color varieties and designs are available as well. Adela Queen also has an extensive lineup of shawls, and vests.

About Adela Queen
Adela Queen started in a simple attic in Hong Kong in 1984. From its humble beginnings, it now has become a kingdom of high-end faux fur and faux suede coat. They offer special customized service and only faux fur clothing items because they believe that in choosing faux fur, customers will also choose to be pro-animals; pro-earth.

Adela Queen
Hong Kong