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Adelaide Based EcoProud Now Offers Personalised Cleaning Programs

Everybody has different cleaning needs. Adelaide based cleaning company, EcoProud now offers personalised cleaning programs that can be adapted to suit the customer’s requirements.


Clarence Gardens, South Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/19/2014 -- EcoProud now offers cleaning services that are completely in line with the customer’s needs or requirements, whether that be regular or periodic services. Customers can call EcoProud before their scheduled cleaning date or postpone the service to a later date – the choice is theirs. They can also contact the service provider to request that the job be done at or within a specific time slot.

“We service a wide range of residential and commercial clients. More often than not, there are restrictions on the time that we can have access for cleaning. We adapt any service provided to their needs and ensure that there is zero disturbance to the client’s routine. Clients can also call us to get their house cleaned the way they want it done,” said a spokesperson for the Adelaide based cleaning company. Custom cleaning and sanitation plans can be also created for clients. The bottom line is, they are paying for the service, so we should carry out this service in line with the way they want it done”, he added.

The cleaning needs of clients change. This is usually dependent on the industry that they serve in. For example hospitals and restaurants need the best cleaning and sanitisation service possible, whereas shopping centres and industrial warehouses struggle to keep their areas free from graffiti and rubbish. It is important to provide solutions that are tailormade to meet their requirements. There are not many cleaning companies in Adelaide who can manage the precise needs of their clients. EcoProud can fit into any plan and offer top quality service; guaranteed, and if they are only required for the one-off cleaning service, then they are more than happy to handle that as well.

“We have a vast array of clients, ranging from busy, young professionals to senior citizens. We also deal with people with associated with disabilities, hospitals, schools, hotels and other commercial establishments like corporate offices, warehouses, etc. These clients have specific cleaning needs and we find nothing more satisfying that adjusting our services/duties to meet their needs. It’s all about routine makes life easy for both - them and us”.

Some of the services offered by the Adelaide based company include carpet cleaning, sanitising, and hard floor stripping and cleaning. All products used by the compnay are internationally endorsed and guaranteed to leave no harmful residues. They are biodegradable, made from renewable ingredients, and do not contain harsh chemicals like phosphate, chlorine or other harsh solvents. Therefore, they will not be harmful to your health and wellbeing, especially if you are prone to or suffer such problems as asthma, respitory diseases etc.

About EcoProud
Incorporated in 2000, the Ecoproud Clean Team is a sister company of Eco Pest Control. The company provides cleaning services to residential and commercial properties across Adelaide using non-toxic, yet highly effective natural products. By using these products, the Ecoproud Clean Team ensures a cleaner and healthier place to live, work and play. The company has a successful track record of servicing more than 7,000 homes and commercial premises every year. The Ecoproud Clean Team focuses on three main factrs - attention to detail; a fresh, healthy sparkle; and no harmful chemicals.

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