Adeline Yeo Releases "Wonderful World" Music Single

Major Piano music fans have every reason to beam after Adeline Yeo, Singapore’s next celebrity entry, released an exceptional music single, Wonderful World, that radiates of first rate talent.


Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/12/2013 -- The sensational Indie musician, Adeline Yeo, has released her music single dubbed, Wonderful World, of Major Piano genre. The music was launched on Sunday, September 8, 2013 and is already selling on a number of platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and several other online outlets.

Wonderful World is a demonstration of extraordinary artistic talent due to its terrific composition and delivery. The song is an original composition of Adeline Yeo, and is one among many of her other music tracks in her latest album, Wonderful World. The release of the single is a major boost to her speedily growing career in music, which is projected to take Singapore by storm.

This single release is being distributed by Mondotunes to all major online music retailers to ensure enormous outreach and sales. The song is already drawing a huge following on major platforms and is expected to make huge sales across the globe, courtesy of the expert distribution services offered by Mondotunes.

Adeline Yeo has set out to define her destiny and to relentlessly follow her passion in music. She has vowed not to fall a victim of fate!

Asked about what she thinks about her single release, Adeline Yeo said: “The release of this song is a great achievement in my music career. The music depicts where I am as an artist since I gave it my all in the composition and delivery. My fans should expect more from me; I work so hard never to disappoint my fans and that is why I keep giving them the best.”

“I'm passionate about music. It inspires me. Piano music brightens-up my life, and I want my music to do the same for others.”

Adeline says that even though there are a number of challenges along the way, she will remain steadfast, working every day to learn new things and improve her music prowess. She will be combining her music talent and her marketing skills to continue giving over-the-top quality to her fans. Adeline also says she will continue working with experts to ensure that all her products resonate with professionalism.

The music album is available on iTunes at the following link:

About Adeline Yeo
Adeline grew up in Singapore in a close knit family of four. Today, she is an Internet Marketer, but her passion is composing music. With no prior experience, Adeline stumbled upon music composition while playing with a new computer program. After hitting a few sour notes, her fingers grew more nimble, and soon she was creating beautiful music.

Every day she pours her energy and enthusiasm into learning more about her craft and improving her composition skills. Her dream is to continue composing music that thrills her fans and introduces her talent to the music industry.

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