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Adept Armor Announces the Launch of Two New Products: Adept Armor (TM) Fabric Guard and Glass Guard


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/30/2014 -- Adept Armor, a company that produces safe and effective solutions that help make products waterproof, has just announced the launch of two new products: Adept Armor (TM) Fabric Guard and Adept Armor (TM) Glass Guard.

From the day Adept Armor opened for business, they have strived to engineer some of the most amazing and innovative products that can help protect a variety of items. Over time, the company has earned a well-deserved reputation for creating solutions that do just that.

For example, for people who love to buy shoes, bags, hats, dresses, shirts and other clothes, Adept Armor Fabric Guard is an incredible product that is designed to keep fabrics stain-free and waterproof. Although a competitor of Adept Armor created a solution that can help give fabrics an anti-stick quality, it is for industrial use only and tends to cover material with an unattractive milky white coating. Thanks to the product’s SiO2 nanotechnology, the surface of fabrics that are treated with Fabric Guard will become anti-stick as well as hydrophobic, which means that it will repel both stains and water.

“The Fabric Guard has TiO2 molecules for self-cleaning capabilities, preventing mildew and bacteria from growing,” an article on the company’s website noted, adding that it will also safeguard textile fabrics, keeping them intact against nearly every form of moisture damage.

“The TiO2 nano-molecules also prevent UV damage to fabrics, which in turn, keeps the color vibrant as the day you bought it.”

The new Adept Armor (TM) Glass Guard also features the same nanotechnology that is found in the Fabric Guard; once it is applied to glass, nothing will stick to the surface. From windshields that get fogged up easily to windows or glass display cases that are covered with fingerprints, Glass Guard will help to keep them oil, dirt and residue-free.

Another product that has been getting a lot of attention lately is the Adept Armor (TM) Circuit Guard; the 4-ounce spray bottle uses the same nanotechnology to help repel water and oil from electronic devices like phones, tablets and iPods.

Anybody who would like to learn more about Adept Armor and its newest products is welcome to visit the company’s user-friendly website at any time; there, they can read about Fabric Guard, Glass Guard and more, and how these revolutionary products will help fabric and glass last longer while keeping them looking like new.

About Adept Armor
Adept Armor is a company that is set to revolutionize the fabric, circuit, and glass protection industry. Adept Armor engineers safe solutions that make products waterproof without the white and flaky residue typically left behind by their competitors. For more information, please visit http://adeptarmor.com/