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Adherence to Atlanta's Basic Tree Protection Ordinance: A Pride of 72 Tree Seed & Land Co.

When it comes to adhering to the Basic Tree Protection Ordinance, 72 Tree Seed & Land Co. ensures that they are up to the latest standards. One thing that makes them a highly experienced and certified Arboriculture Consulting and Tree Care Firm dedicated to the Preservation and Restoration of Ecosystems.


Alpharetta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/01/2014 -- Atlanta imposed The Basic Tree Protection Ordinance, a basic step which 72 Tree Seed & Land Co. adheres to.

Standing tall and firm as trees raised around the green quad, 72 Tree Seed & Land Co. is précised on its one of the many do’s they want to pursue, which is taking good care of trees.

Generated from the order, 72 Tree Seed & Land Co. has specialized in pruning and treatment of trees with certified arborists on site, evaluation and management.

This order summons for tree supervision which is easily caught up by the unique services being offered by the 72 Tree Seed & Land Co such as the following:

- Twenty- four hours must be a long hasty way to go, and everything might happen with just a single click. Trees may take years, but it might just fall just after a rapid second. Catastrophic recovery services are ones of the many that one may get after an emergency such as tree removal including the massive & difficult trees, crane services, stump removal and grinding.

- Construction consulting is also an option that the nature- enthusiasts could excellently do. As part, consulting and design, and commercial and residential spaces are highly referred to organic design specialists. They engage with a very professional and technical conversation and come up with well- liked proposals.

- With their certified arborists and registered foresters, services such as evaluation, appraisal and preservation assure a pleasant square.

- In terms of land and site development, 72 Tree Seed & Land Co. also offers grading and utility, land clearing or logging, site preparation, storm- water services and many more.

- Ecosystem is really a matter to deal and engaging with this needs expertise. They also found skills in ecological restoration which covers the assistance from building up a new ecosystem from degraded, damaged or even destroyed one.

As mandated by the ordinance, anyone is required to remove, destroy or even injure any tree on city- owned property, regardless of size, or any tree of 6- inches or greater diameter-at-breast-height (dbh) on private property with permit.

Also, it is said that dead, dying, diseased or hazardous trees, before cutting, needs permit from the City of Atlanta. DDH applications are approved or denied based on a tree inspection by a City Forester or Arborist. Denied DDH applications may be appealed. Approved permits may not be appealed. Anyone removing a dead, dying, or hazardous tree must have a permit to do so in their possession.

But anyone, for sure does not simply refer to literally anyone who can, but it relates with those who are intelligently capable of doing so in an expert way and guaranteed accomplishment.

About 72 Tree, Seed and Land Co.
72 Tree, Seed, & Land Co. LLC is a highly experienced and certified Arboriculture Consulting and Tree Care Firm dedicated to the Preservation and Restoration of Ecosystems. They are storm damage experts capable of handling the largest and most dangerous trees 24 hours a day. Being insurance specialists, they help their clients with handling the claims. They are a highly professional organization with the knowledge, experience, and dedication to get even the largest job done right the first time. Their specialties include arboriculture consultation, tree care services, crane services, emergency services, management services, and construction and storm water services. Safety is their topmost priority. All 72 Tree, Seed, & Land Co. jobs are supervised by veteran arboriculture professionals who emphasize safety and quality to the last detail which greatly enhances the aesthetics and ecology of the project. They also provide large tree transplanting and or planting services with highly experienced transplanting experts. They have Certified ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) arborists on staff.