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Adipower - Adidas' Latest Weightlifting Shoes Coming Soon


Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/10/2014 -- Adidas is a company that is known all over the world for its triumphs and successes in the sports merchandise and equipment market. Its string of accomplishments has continued ever since they have forayed in to the weightlifting market. Now, with the all new white Adidas adipower weightlifting shoe, it is about to bag another win. When the adipower weightlifting shoe first came, it won accolades from people all across the world. It can be used not just for professional weightlifting, but is also being recommended for non-professional, everyday workout routines for ordinary citizens. However, the newer version, which is due to come out some time in June of 2014, is said to be even better than the last.

This time the adipower weightlifting shoe is going to be white. One of the regular complaints and drawbacks of the shoe had been its ‘orangish-red’ core power hue. Many lifters, as well as ordinary people, had refused to buy the older version because of its flamboyant color. They had repeated asked for the color to be toned down and now Adidas has fulfilled their demand. The new shoe is coming out in both black and white. However, it is the white shoe that is catching most people’s eyes. It had a few tones and lines of gray in it too. The new version is all set to give Nike’s Romaleo 2 a run for its money.

Adidas launched the adipower weightlifting shoe in 2012. At first, it seemed like Adidas had made a huge glitch with making the shoe too narrow for large footed people. However, after being worn in the gym, users will realize that this was done on purpose. The tight fit gives the wearer a better fit and a stable foot so one is able to remain steady while lifting heavy weights. The size of the heel has also been reduced to mid-length (.75 inch), also known as a TPU heel. It has made the shoe lighter and stronger. A size 9 weighs only 16.2 ounces. It features a single, one inch broad hook and a loop velcro strap.

If people are in to Olympic weightlifting, then the Adidas adipower weightlifting shoe is for them. However it is not meant for jumping ropes, box jumps or calf raises. When it comes to the Oly they are worth all of the $200 that they cost the buyer.

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