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Adirondack Direct Announces New and Improved Church Furniture for 2014


Long Island City, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/18/2014 -- Adirondack Direct is pleased to announce new and improved church furniture for 2014. Simple design changes can make church supplies safer and easier to use without radically altering their appearance. Visit Adirondack Direct’s website for upgraded baptistery tubs, banquet chairs, and pulpits.

The manufacturers that work with Adirondack Direct have made many strides recently in baptistery tub technology. How many changes can they really make to baptistery tubs? One would be surprised. ChurchRite®, a baptistery heating company, has added a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) to their tub models. What’s a ground fault circuit interrupter? Good question. GFCIs detect currents flowing through unintended paths, such as water or newly baptized infants, and automatically shut off the circuit. This simple yet innovative fix prevents injury and property damage.

Blue Ridge Church Furniture has made improvements to the baptistery, as well. By just adding a drain to the bottom of their small portable baptistery, these baptism pioneers have revolutionized the christening of newborn children of the Lord. For decades, initiating a new follower of Jesus of Nazareth has required quite the cleanup job, necessitating pumps to drain out the 100-150 gallon tubs. Find these state-of-the-art disciple-makers from Blue Ridge Church Furniture and ChurchRite® on the Adirondack Direct website now.

Traditional church furniture has its deficits, as well. Many churches are stocked with banquet chairs that were not specifically made for churches. These chairs are often uncomfortable and are not easily stacked or ganged together. Adirondack Direct now offers stackable banquet chairs with luxuriously soft seats and backrests, and easy to use ganging devices. Many of the newly designed chairs are based on surveys inquiring about customer needs. Take comfort in knowing this furniture was made with churches in mind.

To find the latest church furniture for sale visit Adirondack Direct online or call 1-800-221-2444.

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