Adjustable Smart Crutches Solves Common Pain and Comfort Problems Caused by Traditional Crutches


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/10/2013 -- Using crutches when injured can help alleviate stress and improve mobility, however, more often than not, they can also cause pain and fatigue. Crutch manufacturer smartCRUTCH is pleased to announce they have an improved crutch design that address consumer concerns about traditional crutches. The result is a sturdier, comfortable and more robust crutch, for users to get around with.

Traditional crutches by design, places the arm and hand into a non-neutral state and in so doing (in a loaded state) promotes a lot of stress on the wrist joints and hand. SmartCRUTCH’s design improvement solution is, placing the arm and hands into an ergonomic neutral state that is more natural to the hand and wrist. More weight is absorbed by the forearm reducing pressure and pain on the hands and wrists.

The foot (Ferrule) is also more vulnerable when using a conventional crutch, due to the small surface area they cover. smartCRUTCH features a specially designed ferrule which covers a greater surface area and the pivot point assists in secure and solid footing on uneven terrain.

The crutches are supplied as a pair due to their ergonomic design; however, single units are available. smartCRUTCH credits their painstaking devotion for comfortable crutches to sound bio-mechanical principals, developing a product that is innovative, functional and comfortable. The crutches are available in colours to match the users individual preference.

smartCRUTCH goes online, dedicated to the United Kingdom market by a local medical supply Company, Disposable Medical Supplies Limited.

Jason Street, CEO for DMS Ltd in the UK stated."The most common ailment with using convention forearm or under arm crutches is the pain and discomfort experienced during extended use. smartCRUTCH solved this by spreading the weight load to the forearm,” “Colours make for an attractive variation to conventional crutches."

“As our entire range of crutches and spares are stocked locally, we can perfect a better service, make our range more affordable and deliver timeously”. Said Jason

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