AdMark Launches Breakthrough Mobile Advertising Ideas Which Could Be the Next Big Revolution

AdMark advertising and marketing has come up with an exciting idea that could benefit all mobile users. They have revolutionized the concept of mobile phone advertising and allowed people to earn from commissions.


Sheung Wan, Hong Kong -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/02/2015 -- In a Global Mobile Media Consumption report in 2014, it was reported that 60% of Internet access in the U.S and around the world was made through a mobile device. That has shown advertisers how important it is to use mobile devices for their marketing campaigns. However, there are a lot of people who are troubled with the endless notifications that keep popping up on their screen as different developers try their best for the sake of pushing their ads to gain more leads. That is why AdMark has come up with the perfect solution.

In such a scenario, AdMark has come up with a brilliant concept based on the Alex Tew concept ten years ago. Alex came up with the idea of a webpage that had 1 million pixels, and each one of them could be bought for $1. AdMark has taken that concept further and brought it into the modern world where they have given mobile users the provision of choosing which ads they show on their mobiles and gaining revenue from it too.

This seems to be a win-win situation for both the users and the developers because users have a say in what they are promoting and twill also be paid for doing so. At the same time, developers will be able to target the right audience, which can help them improve and boost the overall performance significantly.

The platform they have designed will be transparent, ethical, and there won't be any intrusive and spam ads that will harass mobile users. The idea is to build a platform that will allow users to choose what they show on their mobile and at the same time, get a payment for it as well.

A spokesmen for AdMark said, "We heard a lot of people complain about the way developers spam the mobiles and how the top sites like Facebook, Google end up encroaching on their own private space. That is why we want to bring a change by offering users the control as to what they see and to get paid for advertising whatever they do."

The company has been applauded for its brilliant thought process that some say could become the biggest breakthrough in marketing in recent years. With business experts claiming there will be a huge increase in the number of people using their mobile devices to access the Internet, it is now important that businesses focus on mobile marketing techniques.

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