Adoption Agency Offers Help and Support to Pregnant Mothers


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/19/2012 -- The Adoption Center have been providing crucial support and advice for pregnant mothers for several years. This past November was known as National Adoption Month and is designed to raise awareness for the many thousands of children currently needing a loving home. Each November, organizations and businesses from around the globe raise awareness for the children who need a new family to go to. With so many children currently in foster care, it's vital that publicity is raised and support is given to families who may need to give up their children for adoption due to circumstances.

One of the organizations providing crucial help and support is The Adoption Center. They currently act as a support center, and also an organization who provides support for pregnant mothers. They provide support to mothers who want the best for their children and may be having a difficult time meeting the basic needs. The Adoption Center effectively helps to provide a safe place for the birth, and a further safe haven for the child to be born and raised. The Adoption Center also helps mothers to understand whether adoption is right for them and their children.

Commenting, James Webb, founder of The Adoption Center said, "There is nothing more loving then when a woman chooses to give her baby the very best in this world especially when she understands it might be with another family. To me that is what true love is."

To learn more about The Adoption Center, and the help and support they provide, please visit:

About The Adoption Center of Choice
The Adoption Center of Choice is a not-for-profit full service adoption agency licensed in the state of Utah specializing in infant adoptions since 1995. Our staff is composed of caring individuals who range from adoptive parents, birth parents, adoptees and professionals that have extensive knowledge about adoption. It is important that we have developed the understanding of what the adoption journey is and what it entails so that we can better serve those who are strongly considering adoption. From the moment we’ve opened our doors we have helped to assist over 1,000 families successfully through their adoption journey.

We were established to help both birthmothers and adoptive parents become informed of all their options that will allow them to make the best possible choice. It is our belief that putting the child first will satisfy the needs of everyone else. Our goal is to provide a satisfying and happy ending for birthmothers, adoptive parents and children alike.