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Adoption of Brazing Consumables Market to Soar Across Top Countries in the Globe


Valley Cottage, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/13/2019 -- Brazing Consumables Market: Introduction

Brazing is metal joining process, in which metal items are fused together by the process of melting and pouring a filter metal into the connection joint. Usually, the filler metal has low melting point than the metal to be joined. The process of brazing differs from welding as the process does not requires the melting of the work pieces and also differs from soldering as the process requires high temperature. The filler material used for the brazing process flow in between the gap of the close fitted parts and fuses them. The filler material is melted slightly above its melting point and is protected by a suitable atmosphere, generally a flux. A significant advantage of brazing is the capability for joining same or two different metals with excellent strength.

Brazing consumables are the materials used or consumed during the brazing process in the global market. Flux and filler metals are known as brazing consumables in the global market. These brazing consumables melt while joining two same or different metals to help form a strong joint. Brazing consumables are mainly used in the Torch brazing, Induction Brazing, Furnace brazing, Braze welding, Vacuum brazing, Dip brazing and Resistance Brazing. The global brazing consumables market is estimated to register double digit growth in 2026 and is expected to register a healthy CAGR in terms of value and volume over the forecast period.

Brazing Consumables Market: Dynamics

Brazing technique is one of the very important tools in manufacturing and fabrication industries in the global market. Growth in the construction industry especially in emerging economies such as China and India is expected to be the key factor driving the demand for brazing consumables. Industrialization and rapid urbanization in developing countries are factors leading to the rise in metal joining processes, which in turn is expected to result in high demand for brazing consumables. Rapid growth in the automobile and construction industry is the primary factor driving growth of the global brazing consumables market. Growth of the global brazing products and consumables market is expected to be fuelled by increasing number of end-use applications, in which different types of brazing techniques can be used. However, a slow adoption of advanced brazing technologies in developing countries such as China and India are the major restraints for growth of the brazing consumables market in the APAC region.

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Increasing need for brazing technology with new automation tools in fabrication is expected to be one of the major trends fuelling growth of the global brazing consumables market in the coming years. In developed countries, the demand for brazing automation technology for fabrication and manufacturing purposes is increasing owing to a growing shortage of skilled labor. Furthermore, growth in the production and manufacturing of various end use components, which are to be joined by the brazing process will propel the growth of the global brazing consumables market during the forecast period.

Brazing Consumables Market: Segmentation

The Brazing Consumables market can be segmented by type of brazing technique, consumable type, and distribution channel.

By brazing technique, the brazing consumables market can be segmented as:
Torch brazing
Induction Brazing
Furnace brazing
Braze welding
Vacuum brazing
Dip brazing
Resistance Brazing
By consumable type, the brazing consumables market can be segmented as:
Flux & Flux Coated Materials
Filler Materials
Brazing Alloys
By distribution channel, the brazing consumables system market can be segmented as:
Offline Stores
Online Stores

Brazing Consumables Market: Regional Outlook

The market for brazing consumables is expected to grow at a healthy CAGR during the forecast period. Europe and North America have a high standard of living, luxurious lifestyles coupled with high disposable incomes, and thus can afford using super finished products and high-quality machined products. This has led to growth of the brazing consumables market in the aforementioned regions. Additionally, manufacturing industries in all developed regions have been doing well in the recent decade, and research and development to produce parts and components that are manufactured in less time and effort will be a prominent driver for the brazing consumables market in these region over the forecast period. Developing nations in the APEJ region, particularly India and China, will play a vital role in the growth of the brazing consumables market in the near future. Growth of the automotive sector and steel structure in Latin America is expected to drive growth in demand for brazing consumables in the region. The brazing consumables market in Latin America is expected to witness significant growth over the forecast period. MEA is projected to emerge as the most lucrative region in terms of CAGR in the global brazing consumables market during the forecast period.

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Brazing Consumables System Market: Market Participants

Examples of some of the market participants in the global brazing consumables system market identified across the value chain include:

GEE Limited
Castolin Eutectic
AlcoTec Wire Company
Bellman-Melcor LLC.
Lucas-Milhaupt, Inc.
Senor Metals Pvt. Ltd.
Aufhauser Corporation
Harris Products Group
Kymera International
Ador Welding Ltd.
Turbo Braze Corporation
Morgan Advanced Materials