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Adrian and Super-A: Fun Social Skills Books for Children with Autism and ADHD from New Publisher

The children with autism or ADHD have been written about at length, but sidelined when it comes to literature for them. These children will now be able to enjoy their own books and workbooks from Be My Rails Publishing. First out is an entire book series about two siblings – Adrian and Super-A. The books are life skills learning adventures and include many opportunities for the child to interact with the story that also can be adjusted to the child’s abilities.


Sandby, Sweden -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/03/2014 -- Adrian and Super-A: Bake and Like Differently is the first book out from Be My Rails Publishing in a series of helpful books and workbooks for children with autism spectrum disorder and ADHD. Be My Rails Publishing was founded by Jessica Jensen, the author of the Adrian and Super-A books. The publisher aspires to publish children’s books that will help boys and girls with autism or ADHD in their development of necessary life skills – but without compromising on a good childhood read. In this spirit, the picture story books about Adrian and Super-A use a combination of established tools (such as social stories and pictograms) together with a number of psychologically creative characters.

Adrian and Super-A: Bake and Like Differently is a book that will take your child on a safe trip with Raily the Train and Thummie the Thumb into the adventures of daily life. Jessica Jensen turns a simple Sunday of baking and washing hands into adorable life lessons with a superhero that every child can identify with and without much more exciting things than eggs and stove buttons. But it is a fun book about a child’s life ... about waiting and helping out … about asking for permission ... and about everybody having a say, even moms. Children from a kindergarten and a school for autistic children have helped the author in making the final concept work. A smart twist in the book allows for skipping over parts. This means the parent or teacher can choose what skills to focus on and adjust the story to the child’s age and abilities (... or maybe to the exhausted parent). The interactive illustrations have been designed to suit even the non-verbal child, and the rhymes by Thummie the Thumb will stick with most children.

Super-A, the young superhero, is based on a real-life autistic girl. The author’s own autistic daughter and the colorful Super-A have many things in common, such as their difficulties with waiting, love of squeezing out soap, and their strong-minded spirit. Sharing the struggles of many parents with a special-needs child, the author herself, has been searching for solutions that will make a day, any day, easier. “As a mother of a girl with autism, I have tried anything that can help my daughter understand our world and rules: through her eyes. But she is a smart girl and most of the methods she recognized as demands and rejected. That’s when I decided that learning life skills had to be more engaging and fun for her. My girl fell for Super-A, who of course is just like her, as well as for the simple Thummie-character.” Jessica Jensen’s autistic daughter started using the thumbs up from the book to make sure that she got things right. And when the mother and writer added Little Miss Trigger to the mix, the girl could laugh at some of the challenges she was, and still is, faced with every day when dealing with sensory issues or visual triggers – like sounds or stove buttons that are just calling her name.”

However, on Jessica Jensen’s way from leaving her career in IT project management to become a writer, the biggest support has come from her three-year-old son. He wants to see pictures of Super-A on his mom’s laptop, and he wonders if there will be more books, or if he can watch Super-A on TV. And when his sister claims the ownership of the main character, he will set the record straight: “I am Super-A too”.

And for anybody else who wants to be a Super-A, it is now possible to join forces with the young superhero and friends. Page by page as the story unfolds, the world will soon start to make a bit more sense.

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About Jessica Jensen
Jessica Jensen comes from a multinational family of teachers and published authors. She has a double university degree (combining psychology with IT) and is a firm believer in the potential that kids with autism (ASD) and ADHD hold for our world.  She loves all things red.

About Be My Rails Publishing
Be My Rails Publishing is the publisher of life skills learning books that will not compromise on a good childhood read. Vote for your favorite character or find out what social stories are covered in Adrian and Super-A at

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