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AdSpruce Unveils Industry-First Solution to Deliver VAST-Compatible Video Ads to Any Mobile Device

AdSpruce upgrades its unique Native Ads Server to incorporate VAST-compatible tracking and reporting for video advertising on any internet-enabled mobile device.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/16/2013 -- AdSpruce, the mobile video ad network, has announced an upgrade to their proprietary Native Ads Server that allows video advertisers to use VAST-compatible tracking on any internet-enabled mobile device.

An impressive development in its own right, the Native Ads Server is a unique end-to-end mobile video advertising solution for smartphones, multimedia phones and feature phones that allows AdSpruce to inject, track, deliver and click-enable video advertisements. The addition of VAST compatibility allows advertisers to run video campaigns with tracking and reporting in line with the standards and guidelines set out by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB).

For advertisers this industry-first technology presents an opportunity to pursue mobile video advertising campaigns with the levels of robustness, reliability and transparency that had previously been reserved to desktop computing.

Discussing the new development AdSpruce CTO Gary Hockin said, “It was of paramount importance to us to create a solution that delivered reach at scale but without compromising on metrics. We know that campaign statistics are critical in understanding the success of a campaign which is why our VAST-compatible pre-roll offers transparent and concise reporting for brands and agencies.”

For advertisers, however, this technology presents the first real route to market for customer and revenue generation through performance-based video advertising campaigns on feature phones, a lucrative market which still accounts for a very high percentage of mobile phone users. A study by Gartner recently estimated that worldwide feature phone sales totaled 264.4 million units in the fourth quarter of 2012, outperforming smartphone sales of 207.7 million. According to the IDC (International Data Corporation) worldwide shipments of smartphones and feature phones in 2013 will be on almost equal standing, with 49.9% of shipments being accounted to feature phones in Q1.

The majority of these feature phone users are situated in the emerging markets (such as the BRIC countries). Through AdSpruce advertisers can now focus on growing sales in these unsaturated markets with full tracking, reporting and accountability.

AdSpruce CEO Ian Mullins talks about the importance of feature phones, “There is such a high focus on smartphone targeting right now, but for us at AdSpruce being able to reach and track video ads on feature phones was of principal importance due to the sheer volume of the audience size. Using our technology, brands and agencies can now create a campaign and receive smart and insightful reporting from any internet-enabled mobile device included in the campaign target; this is an immense step forward for the mobile advertising industry and we’re proud to have pioneered it.”

AdSpruce currently delivers over 100 million video advertising spots every month and has a rapidly growing network of premium video publishers. To find out more about the AdSpruce’s VAST-compatible pre-roll advertising you can visit the website at

About AdSpruce
AdSpruce is a mobile video advertising network which specialises in providing mobile web advertising solutions for advertisers and publishers.

AdSpruce enables publishers to maximise revenue from their mobile websites by providing an industry-first mobile web SDK that integrates video advertising across video inventory. The AdSpruce mobile web SDK provides the first solution for VAST-compatible pre-roll advertising on feature phones. Approximately 65% of all mobile video is consumed on the mobile web (Nielsen, 2013), but only a tiny proportion of devices support HTML5 ad units. Using the AdSpruce SDK, publishers can monetise more of the mobile traffic to their website to generate new revenue.

AdSpruce provides brands and agencies with a media-rich advertising solution for brands wanting to reach audiences across mobile platforms. The AdSpruce platform comprises a range of proprietary technologies and a cloud-based video ad server infrastructure, which optimizes video delivery for any device worldwide and supports a range of 3rd party tracking including VAST and ad formats  such as YouTube video ads.

Founded in 2011 Ad Spruce has delivered millions of video adverts for some of the world’s biggest brands including Microsoft, IBM, Disney, Coca Cola, Vodafone, BBC and BMW.

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