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Adult Coloring Books Best Sellers Sampler Now Available on


Cheltenham, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/08/2015 -- In an effort to provide adult colorists, passionate about coloring and painting, with a unique and impressive coloring book, Richard Edward Hargreaves has launched the Adult Coloring Books Best Sellers Sampler: Stress Relief Designs. The coloring sampler book is available on for 7.95 dollars It is also available from Barnes & Noble, CreateSpace, and other retail and online stores.

The highly engaging and enthralling coloring book is meant for adults who are extremely passionate about coloring and painting.  It consists of images compiled from twenty three previously released original adult coloring books published by Ironpower Publishing, a popular company that manufactures unique and exciting coloring books for adults and kids. The 156 page book consists of a total of seventy four images printed on one side of the paper only for the best coloring experience. There is a video book trailer that shows exactly what's inside the book:

Sharing more information about the book, Hargreaves clarified, "The Adult Coloring book has been specially designed for adults who love coloring and wish to hone their skills further. It consists of innumerable patterns and designs that will help colorists exhibit their coloring talent and master the art of coloring and painting at their own pace."

The book comprises of different mandalas, patterns, flowers, butterflies, birds, fairies and plants and has been designed with the purpose of providing adult painters and colorists with an insight into adult coloring and painting techniques as well as levels. The designs, patterns and images have been included for colorists of different levels, skills and expertise. Colorists and painters can color and paint the images in accordance with their individual skills and requirements. A total of 24 mandalas, 5 parrot images, 7 patterns, 5 butterfly images, 5 fairy images and 5 flower images have been included in the coloring book, which offers the colorists unlimited scope for painting and coloring. Additionally there are 23 cover images from the original books, and these can be colored as well. The images and patterns, included in the book allow adults to portray their hidden love and fondness for coloring and art. In fact, the varied patterns, styles and difficulty levels included in the book are ideal for the novice as well as experienced and advanced painters and coloring enthusiasts. The quality of paper is also very good and ideal for coloring with crayons, pencils, gel, ballpoint pens, graphite pencils, textas, and pastels. The book consists of both intricate and simple designs and images and therefore colorists can color and paint according to their mood and preference. The images incorporated in the adult coloring book are both inspiring and fascinating.

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IRONPOWER PUBLISHING is an independent Australian publishing company owned by Richard Edward Hargreaves. The company specializes in adult coloring books.

Contact info:
Contact person: Richard Hargreaves
Company: Ironpower Publishing
Telephone: 61 3 9690 0878
Address: Ironpower, P.O. Box 118, Southland Centre, Cheltenham, 3192, Victoria, Australia
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