Adult Entertainment Industry Shake-Up: Small Players In, Big Players Out

Online adult entertainment companies face a threat of losing business due to small companies shaping the game field.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/21/2014 -- Undoubtedly, the Pornography is one of the key players in Capitalism for the 50 years making it a billion dollar industry. In the mid 2000’s, internet made pornography globally accessible made porn distribution firms run like Fortune 500 companies. According to statistics conducted by Online MBA, 12% of websites found on the internet are pornographic. There are about 26 million porn sites available making $3,000 per second. In the US alone, internet porn makes 2.84 billion with global porn industry making $4.9 billion annually.

However, between 2007- 2011, a significant decline of 50% was recorded in Porn Industry’s global revenue. This is due to free pornographic sites and global piracy. Many suggest big time companies will continue to lose more but small ones are going to hit homerun.

Pornographic trends have changed over the past years. Porn star with unrealistic physique is a now a thing of the past. People want to see “real” people doing porn. A recent survey found out that pornography is now being perceived in a positive way. 53% percent of Americans watches porn while engaging in sex with their partners. It has helped in keeping their relationships healthy by becoming creative and trying acts seen.

The commercial expansion of adult entertainment is no longer seen as passive sex. The industry is evolving with the increase level of intimacy between the viewer and the actors. Live interaction is becoming a trend where the viewer can request what the actors will do next. It is made possible by creating a virtual sex worlds, remote sex and robot sex. On the positive side, this eliminates the risk for workplace sex violence and STI’s.

Increased level of personalization is also on the rise. Monitoring the behavior of online viewers is now being developed to create a tailor fit menu services specific to their liking. Porn sites will no longer offer traditional sex, it is coupled with add on services like personal interaction, email or social network communication.

Moreover, Pornography will be greatly linked to online dating with options of sharing pictures, messages, videos, sketches, and locations privately. Couples can use technology to create a virtual world they can perform remote sex.

Because of these trends becoming more personalized than before, small and start-up companies are seizing the opportunity to address these pornographic evolutions. Modenacam, an a dult webcam software provider is offering hosting, custom coding and payment gateway to anyone who wants to make it to the adult entertainment industry.

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