Adult Stem Cells and iPSCs 2010 Market Report

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Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/02/2012 -- This market report from Select Biosciences comprehensively addresses the technology and market landscape governing adult stem cells as well as induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs). Adult stem cells currently underlie the majority of cellular therapeutics that are under development worldwide and this market report maps this landscape with particular emphasis on the characteristics of adult stem cells which leverage their utilization for cellular therapy/regenerative medicine.

This market report is built using data and analyses from Select Biosciences continual industry tracking of this marketplace and our deep analysis of this space provides up-to-date qualitative and quantitative market metrics. Primary Market Data Provide a Comprehensive and Bottom-Up Picture of the Space for Adult Stem Cells as wells as for iPSCs.

In this market report, we provide a technical, market (global research trends), intellectual property, and a regulatory map of the iPSC space that is granular and up-to-date.

Specific Topics Covered in this Report:

Qualitative and Quantitative Trends in the Adult and iPSCs Space: Quantitative Market Forecast (Market Size) by Product Class in the Stem Cells Space and Corresponding Growth Rates
Primary Market Survey Data Derived from a Worldwide Pool of Industry Participants Presents the Market Landscape for iPSCs
Worldwide Intellectual Property (IP) Landscape for iPSCs as its Exists Today: Presents the Scope of the Issued IP as well as filings in various aspects of iPSC production—Important for Benchmarking Research & Development Programs
Regulatory Landscape of iPSCs Across the European Union
Therapeutic Areas Impacted by Adult Stem Cells
Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs) for Cellular Therapy: Detailed Presentation of the MSC Space From a Technical Perspective: Phenotype, Characteristics, Mechanisms of Action
An important feature of this market report are the extensive primary market analysis data including primary market survey data from worldwide respondent pools of stem cell research, especially in the emerging, fast-moving iPSC market:

Characterizes the iPSC Marketplace in Detail
Provides End-User Research Trends Currently Practiced in the iPSCs Space

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Table of Contents

Chapter I. Executive Overview of the Space
1. Scope of this Market Report
2. Differentiation of ESCs to Clinically- Relevant Populations
3. Timeline of Impact of Various Stem Cell Types on the Research and
Cellular Therapy Markets
4. Marketing Sizing and Growth Rate
5. Breakout of Worldwide Stem Cell Industry Revenues in 2010

Chapter II. Adult Stem Cells: Properties, Characteristics and Market
1. Properties of MScs
2. Markers that Characterize MSCs
3. Immunomodulatory Effects Mediated by MSCs
4. Multipotency of MSCs
5. Mechanisms of MSC-mediated Tissue Repair
6. Proposed Mechanism of Action in MSCs in Regenerative Medicine IN Vivo
7. Regenerative Medicine Elicited by MSCs
8. 2010 Stem Cell Product Category Market Shares
9. Breakout of Worldwide Clinical Trials Deploying MSCs as Therapeutics:
By Disease Area Targeted
10. Breakout of Worldwide Clinical Trials Deploying MSCs as Therapeutics:
By Patient Recruitment Status
11. Breakout of Worldwide Clinical Trials Deploying MSCs as Therapeutics:
By Clinical Trial Phase
12. Worldwide Clinical Trials Deploying NCSs as Therapeutics
13. Companies Focused in the Regenerative Medicine/Cellular Therapy Space
Worldwide: Breakout by Therapeutic Class Addressed
14. Stem Cells Market Segmentation
15. Business Models in the Cellular Therapy Space, Utilizing Adult

Chapter III. Cardiovascular Diseases
1. Cellular Therapy for Cardiovascular Disease
2. Proposed Mechanisms of MSC-Mediated Cardiovascular Repair
3. Potential Delivery Routes of MSC-based Cellular Therapy for Cardiovascular Disease
4. Safety Concerns with Stem Cell Therapy for Cardiovascular Diseases
5. Ongoing and Recently-Completed Clinical Trials for Ischemic Conditions
6. The REGENERATE-IHD Clinical Trial
7. Critical Limb Ischemia
8. IMPACT-DCM Clinical Trial
9. RESTORE-CLI Clinical Trial

Chapter IV. CNS Diseases
1. Stem Cell Treatments for CNS Disorders
2. Neurorestorative Effects of MSCs
3. Neural Stem Cells (NSCs) for Ischemic Stroke
4. NSCs for Pelizaeus-Merzbacher Disease

Chapter V. Diabetes
1. Cellular Therapy of Diabetes
2. ASC-derived
3. hESC-derived
4. Trans-differentiation-derived

Chapter VI. iPSCs
1. Milestones in the iPSCs Space
2. Glossary of Terms in the iPSCs Space
3. Advantages and Challenges of iPSCs
4. Small Molecules for Reprogramming
5. Methods of Delivery of Reprogramming Factors
6. iPSCs Market Analysis: Primary Market Survey Data to Characterize Research Market Trends
7. Penetrance of Various hESC Lines in Research Practice Today

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