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Adult Women Who Eat Less Vegetables, Fruits and Fish More Prone to Acne: Tropicanna Horticulture Comments

It has recently been reported that women over 25 that are suffering from acne problems could benefit immensely from a diet rich in vegetables, fruits and fish.


Derby, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/12/2017 -- Acne is not considered to be a serious health problem; however nobody likes to have it. Although it is typically more common amongst teenagers and adolescents, between 20% and 40% adults suffer from acne breakouts, with a high majority of these adults being women. This is due to a range of things including but not limited to hormonal imbalances, menstrual cycles and the birth control pill.

Eating fresh vegetables, fruits and fish on more than four days of the week however can prevent the formation of acne – and although there are other treatments available, this could possibly be the best and definitely is the most natural. There are also many other health benefits of eating lots of fruits, vegetables and fish too, so even If you are unsure about this or in doubt for any reason, it is definitely worth a try.

A spokesperson from a leading hydroponics supplier, Tropicanna Horticulture, was incredibly keen to comment saying, "Maintaining a diet high in vegetables and fruits can be highly beneficial – not only leading to clearer skin but also other thing such as weight loss, reduced blood pressure and much more. Everyone should eat vegetables on a daily basis, and to ensure maximum quality – people should consider growing their own hydroponically using our great, affordable equipment."

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