Adults Smoke Too Much, Study Says. The Yes Baby Fidget Spinner Toy Wants to Change the Bad Habit


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/11/2017 -- Studies have shown that a whopping 37 million adults in the USA currently smoke. Yes Baby is a company that was recently launched on the market and that has decided to enter the war against this damaging habit by offering their brand new product, the fidget spinner toy.

The process though which this fidget works is effective and logical. The human brain is designed to work in patterns and the habit of smoking is a pattern reflected by rituals, the ritual of lighting the cigar, of taking a smoke and so on. Scientists have discovered that the idea to quit a damaging habit can actually not be that difficult to achieve if there is a smidge of determination.

These stress toys for adults are useful when the need to smoke is strong because it can keep the mind busy on the spinning process and the individual simply forgets about the constant need to smoke, at least while the toy spins.

Yes Baby is a company that only uses trustworthy sources in order to create great quality products and they pride themselves that the fidget spinner can bring calm and comfort for those in need to quit an unhealthy, damaging habit.

The Fidget Spinner launched by Yes Baby is a small, practical device which made its way on the e-commerce market this month. Using only high quality products, this toy is made of ABS molded plastic and encompasses high quality hybrid ceramic central bearings and stainless steel high quality smooth and silent bearings on the sides. These are carefully enclosed in a band of rubber which keeps them safe while they're being used.

The device can be given as a gift as it comes in a sleek, elegant case and a velvet pouch.

About Yes Baby
The Yes Baby company is a USA based small family business launched in 2016 and which currently distributes all their products via Amazon.

The owner, Mia. I is a woman who understands the struggles of leading a healthy life in a world dominated by negative habits that seem to sell more than positive ones. She has decided to offer her support for those willing to quit smoking and because of this she has invested the necessary effort and finances into making this device what it is supposed to be, a trustworthy companion in the fight against smoking.

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