Advance Robotix FLYBi Drone to Include Helideck

Unique, Innovation Solution for Drone Landing, Charging and Storage: Autonomous Takeoff


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/13/2015 -- Advance Robotix Corporation, the UAV industry innovators that created the revolutionary FLYBi personal drone, announced today that it is now offering a unique Helideck solution for storage, landing, and charging. The Helideck enables autonomous drone takeoff and landing. The Helideck also has robotic capabilities than can swap out batteries on the drone.

"The drone flying experience should be complete, with the pilot able to function separately from an autonomous drone," says owner and CEO of Advance Robotix Corporation TimVoss. "We designed Helideck to make this a reality. It's one part storage solution and one part landing platform."

In addition to one general power source, the Helideck stores two extra batteries for use by its automated battery swapping mechanism. It can be connected to an external power source for essentially unlimited drone flight time. The Helideck also contains two USB ports for charging other devices. It is possible for the user to install the Helideck on the roof of a car. Additional equipment is required for this feature. No assembly is required to use the Helideck.

FLYBi will be available for pre-order in the late summer 2015 through an upcoming crowdfunding campaign.

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About FLYBi
FLYBi is a personal drone that combines the latest technology and features to bring users a unique UAV flying experience. The drone is set to be launched for pre-order through an upcoming crowdfunding campaign.

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