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Advanced Cable and TV Service Provider Now Offers Seychelles the Best in Broadcast

Unparalleled Customer Support, Relentless Commitment To Quality, Cable & Wireless Seychelles Now Becomes The First Quad Play Provider In The Islands


Victoria, Mahe -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/14/2015 -- Cable & Wireless Seychelles, a part of Cable & Wireless Communications (CWC) is excited about the launch of its new TV service which will help Seychelles get the best quality TV broadcast facility that will transform the way broadcasting is done.

The new TV service as part of the telecommunications matrix of services comes as a welcome move for the company which is now in a high speed expansion mode. The addition of this service will help Cable & Wireless Seychelles; give its customers a one stop shop for all their communications and entertainment needs.

What makes Cable & Wireless Seychelles, a trend setter more so with the launch of the new TV service is the fact that this company was and continues to bring advanced technology through its vast range of evolved telecommunications services that are progressive and in tune with customer expectations. Offering cutting edge technology both at the commercial and at the residential fronts, the company aims to help customers derive the best in service and value.

Launch of the new TV service makes Cable & Wireless Seychelles, the most preferred choice in terms of convenience, price and reliability. Also, this highly anticipated launch of the TV service makes, the company the first quad play provider in the islands.

For the customers, the launch translates to top quality broadcast from a name that is known and trusted, for the community of TV viewers, it opens up a new dimension in choice and for the company, it is a milestone that will define many more to come.

About Cable & Wireless Seychelles
With more than a decade worth of experience and expertise in the business of telecommunications, Cable & Wireless Seychelles stands tall in the face of competition. The company has played a significant role in changing the shape of the telecommunications market in Seychelles and is proud to have served the customers here.

The go to choice in both commercial and residential TV, internet and mobile services, this company is going strong on its way to achieving well deserved success.

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