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Advanced Dental Center Reports on Advances in Implant Technology

With the help of digital technology, the implant process will likely soon be streamlined, announces


Plano, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/28/2015 -- Digital technology continues to move the field of dentistry forward and may help to reduce the cost of certain procedures. The Journal of Oral Implantology believes this technology may be used to assist in the creation of dental implants, a procedure many individuals are now choosing to replace missing or failing teeth. With the help of open 3-D software, dentists may be able to perform digital scans and forward them to an implant production facility. The facility then prints and creates the crowns digitally to reduce the time needed for this procedure. Costs should decrease as a result.

"Missing and failing teeth can result in numerous oral health problems. When a tooth is missing or failing, the adjacent teeth may drift, the person's bite isn't properly aligned and the facial appearance may change. These are only a few of the problems a person may experience if the situation isn't corrected in a timely manner," Dr. Christine Hopkins of The Advanced Dental Center ( explains.

Patients often fail to understand these dangers, especially when the missing or failing teeth are in the back of the mouth. Dentists need to stress the importance of having all teeth for structural and functional purposes. Over time, the bone underlying the missing tooth disintegrates and this can lead to new issues. Thankfully, dental implants offer a convenient and reliable solution for those in this situation.

"Dental implants require numerous visits at this time. With the new technology, the hope is that the implant can be completed in only two visits. The digitally created implants are inserted and restored on the second visit, allowing the patient to have a beautiful smile once again," Dr. Hopkins explains.

Although this technology is still in the testing phase, it appears to be in the near future. As more patients gain access to dental implants, oral health in the country will improve. Oral health and general health remain closely linked, thus this is a development every individual should be aware of.

"Individuals who wish to know more should contact Advanced Dental Center. Our staff is always happy to answer questions, explain treatment options and discuss alternatives for those who find a dental implant may not be what they need. We focus on every aspect of dentistry, from preventative and restorative to cosmetic procedures. Your smile is a thing of beauty and we help to ensure this remains the case," Dr. Hopkins.

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