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Advanced Dental Practices of James S. Oh Advanced Dentistry

Knowledgeable in both conventional and cosmetic dental work, James S. Oh, DDS has become the Monterey dentist most sought after by patients and students as well.


Monterey, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/10/2013 -- Using the unique combination of artistry and science is the secret of James S Oh, DDS to redesign each client’s smile. The advanced dentistry practices of the Dr Oh in Monterey, California are based on advanced techniques, and materials that can make real difference.

Dr. James S Oh, DDS and his dentistry team can correct a wide range of permanent dental problems using the latest and advanced techniques in dentistry. They can cure gaps between teeth, missing teeth, worn, cracked, or chipped teeth, and general bite dysfunctions. Also, Dr. Oh can cure crowded or crooked teeth, and discolored or permanently stained teeth and also perform cosmetic procedures dentistry including dental implants, dental bridges, tooth whitening, and porcelain veneers.

The dental implant procedures performed by Dr Oh undergo many evaluations before the actual implant. One can be sure that the entire procedure is safe and secure and their dental health is taken into an account. The dental implants can change the way the clients live. Every patient can rediscover confidence and comfort to eat, speak, smile, laugh, and enjoy life to the fullest. The porcelain veneers provide a highly resistant and can brighten the smile of every person in over a decade if properly cared.

The services of Dr Oh are quick, safe, and very cost effective. He works on people of any ages and can provide a near permanent solution for almost all teeth problems that people experience. Tooth whitening services can correct spotted tooth staining and correct yellow and brown teeth. Also Dr. Oh can restore brightness to one's teeth and brings back smiles alive. One can be sure that the materials and the procedures and safe and secure.

All clients who have contacted James S. Oh, DDS will be scheduled for an initial appointment. The initial appointment consists of consultation, diagnosis and explanation about the current situation of the patient and treatment options.

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James S. Oh, DDS Advanced Dentistry
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Monterey, Ca 93940
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