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Advanced Egg Donation and Surrogacy Services Are Now Available at IVF–Sunrise


Moscow, Russia -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/16/2016 -- Thousands of people across the globe dream of becoming parents, but have numerous problems that do not allow the dream to become a reality. Introduction of advanced technologies has made it possible nowadays to choose alternative methods, which are both effective and can notably increase the chances of a person or a family couple to create a happy family. With IVF-Sunrise, this dream will surely come true!

IVF-Sunrise is a renowned Russia-based surrogate and egg donation agency, which offers high quality services to international clients. The company uses advanced technologies and effective programs that aim at helping their clients become happy parents. This is what Victor Miller, the director of the agency tells about it: "Here, at IVF-Sunrise, we are dedicated to your needs and wishes. To help you become parents, we are relentlessly improving our programs and getting consistently better results. With this purpose, we have built a well-coordinated team of highly skilled specialists who apply the latest methods to deliver the best possible outcomes in infertility treatment."

IVF-Sunrise provides a complex of the top-notch services, which aim at solving infertility problems in patients and increasing their chances to become parents. The most popular services include surrogacy, egg donation, gender selection, frozen shipping, surrogacy for single men, preimplantation genetic diagnosis and more. The agency has their own up-to-date database of egg donors, who come from Asia and Europe. It has also developed a comprehensive surrogate motherhood program for international clients. The options provided by the company are really numerous, so each client may choose the most suitable and affordable solution with regard to specific needs and requirements.

The surrogacy-related service packages offered by IVF-Sunrise are all-inclusive and encompass the required list of medical procedures, organizational assistance, psychological help and legal support at each stage of the program.

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About IVF-Sunrise
IVF-Sunrise is a trustworthy egg donation and surrogate agency, which provides clients from abroad with high quality services, helping them become happy parents. The company is located in Russia and has years of experience in the business. They employ a team of skilled, experienced and responsible specialists, who offer their assistance and professional support at each stage of the surrogacy program. The service package offered by the company involves egg donation and surrogacy services, gender selection options, preimplantation genetic diagnostics and even surrogacy programs for single men.

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Address: 36 Bolshaya Novodmitrovskaya Street, 127015 Moscow, Russia
Tel.: +7 499 502-11-90
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