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Advanced Foster Care Arrives in Leeds, Seeks Fosterers Looking to Make a Difference


Cheshire, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/02/2012 -- Fostering a child is perhaps one of the most rewarding and selfless acts a person can undertake in their life. Many people take for granted the consistency and warmth a stable home can provide, but there are those vulnerable few who desperately require the support and affection of a caring family or parental figure.

Young people all over the nation, for a number of reasons, regularly find themselves unable to live with their own families. Luckily, generous Britain’s from all corners step up to fill the breach, and leading foster agency Advanced Foster Care is there to support both parties.

Advanced Foster Care was formed by a group of professionals and carers dedicated to achieving the best outcomes possible for both children in care and those who devote their time as carers. Understanding the dual need for children to have a safe, stable home environment and for careers to feel valued, respected and have access to adequate remuneration, Advanced Foster Care has a new, ambitious plan for foster care in Britain, and it’s growing from strength to strength.

Recently, Advanced Foster Care has announced a significant expansion into Leeds, providing their high quality foster services to even more children in need. To help facilitate this, Advanced Foster Care is seeking willing carers within the Leeds area to house children eager for the security of a caring home. By providing significant financial incentive to provide for the needs of active, engaged careers, Advanced Foster Care is allowing those willing to assist in fostering children access to between £17.5k and £46k per year in income, making fostering a viable career option for many. While still a major commitment, many are now realising that foster care has changed radically in recent years and that, rather than a selfless burden, fostering a child can now be seen as a rewarding vocation.

So for all those Leeds residents who are looking to experience the multitude of rewards being a foster carer can provide and are eager to apply here and now, all it takes is a quick visit to the Advanced Foster Care website or a single phone call. All those with an interest in giving back to the community are encouraged to enquire, since with significant financial incentive and extensive training provided, Advanced Foster Care has made it easier than ever before to make a real difference.

About Advanced Foster Care
Advanced Foster Care is a leading UK foster agency based in the North of England. Passionate about helping children find access to a safe and loving environment, the team at Advanced Foster Care also work hard to ensure the dedication and hard work of carers is suitably rewarded. By investing extensively in training and development, Advanced Foster Care ensures all fosters have the ability to develop an incredibly rewarding career. For more information, visit http://www.advancedfostercare.co.uk