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Advanced Hearing [Wcm1] President Honored with Humanitarian Award


Virginia Beach, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/16/2013 -- Bill Morgan, president and owner of Advanced Hearing Systems in Virginia Beach, VA, recently received an award for Dedicated Humanitarian Service for his work in providing hearing aids to those in the Tidewater region who struggled to pay for these necessary devices.

The Melvin Jones Fellow Award was presented by J. Stanley Furman, the 24D District Governor of the Lions Club. The award ceremony took place at the Southside Lions Club 65th Anniversary Charter Celebration on April 20, 2013. At the award ceremony, Morgan was praised for his work in providing hearing aid assistance to Tidewater residents with low incomes.

Bill Morgan has been a member of the Lions Club for 15 years. His company, Advanced Hearing Systems, has helped the Lions provide hearing aid systems to hundreds of area residents. By helping the Lions reach those who need hearing assistance in Virginia , Morgan has played a role in advancing the work of the Lions Club in meeting physical and medical needs for those without the financial means to do so themselves.

Advanced Hearing Systems provides a wide variety of hearing aid devices including hearing aids of all types, custom ear molds, digital shooter protection and assistive listening devices or ALDs. Advanced Hearing Systems also offers one of the best support plans in the industry, including:

- Four-year manufacturer warranty on all listening devices
- First year damage or loss coverage
- Free quarterly cleanings and adjustments
- Yearly evaluations
- Free batteries during warranty life
- Interest-free financing

Advanced Hearing Systems also offers comprehensive hearing tests and evaluations to determine every patient’s particular hearing needs. These tests begin with pure tone air evaluation from 250 to 8,000 Hz to test all ranges of hearing and sound. Speech testing will also be conducted, followed by bone conduction tests. Advanced Hearing[wcm4] staff work with patients to determine the particular type of hearing loss present and devise the best possible solution considering cost, efficiency and type of hearing aid needed.

Bill Morgan and the entire staff at Advanced Hearing Systems have been commended for their work in bringing quality hearing aids to those who cannot afford them alone. Now, Advanced Hearing Systems is ready to help others who may be suffering from hearing loss to find solutions to these issues.

About Advanced Hearing Systems
Advanced Hearing Systems has been offering quality hearing aid services in Virginia Beach since 1993. Owner Bill Morgan and the staff at Advanced Hearing dedicate their time and effort to every individual to understand lifestyle and other factors that affect hearing needs. Patients in need of hearing aids in VA[wcm5] can visit Advanced Hearing[wcm6] for compassionate, personalized care and the right solutions to hearing problems.

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