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Addressing News Report ‘Let’s Put America Back to Work’ by National Hotels Association


Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/06/2014 -- From a long respite to a happening time is what is being witnessed by the National Hotels Association as they are gearing up for the start of a busy season. After experiencing a downfall and with the targeted news towards North America’s economy, the Global Hotel Network has been relooking at the way hotel reservations and event planning is going to witness a stride in the days to come.

National Hotels Association in response to the news report “Let’s put America back to work” has been able to notice a gradual upward shift which is promising for the hotel industry. Although the ups and downs of the industry have been a common experience, there have been more refined ways that have been introduced into the hotel industry that would help season visitors to benefit for the bookings that are made. With the promising outcome and the many attempts that are made by the airline sector to launch various ways of attracting visitors, the National Hotels Association is positive of the profits that are alluring promises. With loads of prospects, the benefit of opting for hotels through National Hotels Association as a travel partner are to find the perfect hotel stay for the perfect stay way within the reach of everyone. Customers would be able to make bookings 24/7 through various booking channels like business mobile apps, email, website, fax and many more. They even have well trained call centre representatives who would assist in locating the best possible options for the travel partner.

Event planning is also made easier. There are agents made available who would see through the entire happenings of the event and would handle any queries that one might have during the process. The aim is to ensure that the event that is planned meets all the requirements and would be able have a desired outcome. National Hotels Association provides value for money and the quality service that is provided makes the travel partners want to come back for more. They are proud promoters of the best and refined state of the art technology powered booking system that would enable travel partners to make in house bookings and provide better options within budget and to cater to all business needs. For more information on National Hotels Association log onto or call on 888-316-3572. Mails can be sent to

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