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Advanced Immigration Law Group Now Offers Free Initial Consultation Services for Various VISAs


Rockville, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/08/2012 -- As part of limited time offer, Advanced Immigration Law Group has announced for the first time their offer of free initial consultation service, offered by experienced immigration lawyers. The law firm led by Anser Ahmad and his professional staff offer solutions to family visas, marriage visas, business visas, political asylum, divorce, deportation, citizenship, Greencard and other immigration cases.

The request for the free consultation is available through the law firm’s site The law firm has its offices in Rockville, Maryland, Baltimore, Maryland, Arlington, Virginia, & Harrisburg, Pennsylvania where the free initial consultation is given in person. The firm states that the consultation will mostly be provided by Attorney Anser Ahmad himself. Mr. Anser Ahmad is the owner and CEO of Advanced Immigration Law Group and has over 15 years of legal experience as a federal and state courtroom litigator.

The law firm also provides solutions to deportation and removal cases. People who face the possibility of deportation because of loss of immigration case can also obtain service from the law firm as it states that they can represent them in immigration appeals. The firm’s site informs that Immigrants arrested due to criminal charges can be held by the government without bond for as long as the government deems it necessary, in such cases AdvancedImmigrationLawgroup can offer assistance by working with immigrant bail bondsmen.

Mr. Ahmad further quoted, “AILG can also help people avail Greencard through relatives. If the relative is a US citizen then through sponsorship a person can obtain eligibility for permanent residence in the US. In such cases Advanced Immigration Law Group can guide a person in getting a family-based Greencard.”

The free initial consultation service can be availed by contacting AILG through their website. Click here to get the free consultation on various immigration cases or to get legal advice on any immigration law queries.

About Advanced Immigration Law Group, P.C.
Advanced Immigration Law Group, P.C. is one of the leading law firms in the area of immigration law. Led by Anser Ahmad the law firm has over 15 years of legal experience.

Business Visas, Family Visas, Citizenship, Greencard, Political Asylum, Deportation, Removal, Divorce and Immigration are some of the services provided by the firm. Through their online platform,, the law firm is now offering a free initial consultation service.

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