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Advanced Merchant Group Has Just Announced New Reasons to Consider a Loyalty Card Program


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/21/2013 -- Any introductory economics professor will teach their students that the market is guided by regulations and incentives. Many sound business models are rooted in philosophies that deal with the concept of incentivizing consumers. Much of human instinct is based on reward. People are motivated towards certain actions based on the reward that is presented to them. Over the years, this concept has been translated and applied to practically every aspect of business. Any CEO or business owner will confess that one of their primary goals is to create brand loyalty. Now, Advanced Merchant Group is informing prospective clients about important new reasons to consider loyalty card programs.

Growing business through new customers is critical for an organization to continue to thrive. However, establishing a steady revenue stream through repeat customers is how successful businesses remain in operation over many years. Loyalty card programs have been emerging as an effective means to create a returning customer base. Loyalty cards can be issued to customers and periodic rewards are offered to those customers. These rewards can be as frequent or infrequent as the business desires. Depending on a customer base, incentives can be created to best suit a business’s needs. Furthermore, important information is obtained from customers at the initial application for a loyalty card as well as continued purchase information overtime.

When a customer applies for a new loyalty program, certain demographic information is obtained in an effort to more effectively market products to that customer. Additionally, customer’s purchases can be tracked and analyzed when they use their loyalty card overtime. Purchase history is another tool that businesses can use to better market items to a customer. Loyalty card programs have been increasing in popularity over the past several years. In fact, now there are numerous smart phone applications that can store customers various loyalty cards. Advanced Merchant Group, a credit card processing company in Easton, can provide more information on loyalty card programs over the phone or by filling out a free online pre-application.

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Advanced Merchant Group is a full service provider of Merchant Services throughout the United States and Canada. They maintain the status of ISO/MSP in the credit card processing industry. Headquartered in Warminster, PA with satellite offices located throughout the U.S., Advanced Merchant Group is recognized nationally as a leader in Merchant Services.

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