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Advanced Merchant Group Now Offering Cash Advances for Businesses


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/18/2013 -- Advanced Merchant Group, located just outside of Philadelphia, offers a variety of business solutions for customers throughout the United States and Canada. For over a decade, Advanced Merchant Group has been helping their customers find additional ways to generate and process revenue. Whether it has been a physical retail location or an online business, Advanced Merchant Group has helped to process over $15 billion. Advanced Merchant Group takes pride in offering industry-leading service at a discounted rate. Now, Advanced Merchant Group is offering cash advances for qualifying businesses.

Starting or growing a business is an extremely difficult task. However, with the right idea and the determination to make something work, people have proven to build thriving businesses. One of the most difficult things for entrepreneurs, in their early stages of business building, is their lack of access to capital. Thankfully, Advanced Merchant Group has watched many businesses grow rapidly. Often times, a small cash advance is needed to jump-start a business.

Now, individuals looking for a business cash advance in New York can contact Advanced Merchant Group. Also, Advanced Merchant group will offer prospective customers a business cash advance in New Jersey, Philadelphia, and the surrounding suburbs. Advanced Merchant Group can offer prospective business owners a cash advance if they meet certain minimum requirements. A business simply needs to have been operating for a year or longer and process at least $4,000 per month in credit card sales.

Business owners love the repayment plan for cash advances from Advanced Merchant Group, because they can barely notice making a payment. Advanced Merchant Group bundles in the repayment plan as a small percentage of daily card processing fees. Once the amount has been repaid, the percentage goes away. Business owners will never have to make a physical payment.

About Advanced Merchant Group
Advanced Merchant Group is a full service provider of Merchant Services throughout the United States and Canada. They maintain the status of ISO/MSP in the credit card processing industry. Headquartered in Warminster, PA with satellite offices located throughout the U.S., Advanced Merchant Group is recognized nationally as a leader in Merchant Services.

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