Advanced Refrigeration and HVAC Announces Swamp Cooler to A/C Conversion Deals in Albuquerque NM


Albuquerque, NM -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/13/2013 -- Advanced Refrigeration and HVAC, one of the top Albuquerque residential and commercial HVAC companies, has announced that it will now offer swamp cooler to A/C conversions to residents of Albuquerque as well as surrounding areas.

Converting swamp coolers to A/C may be one of the most practical and money –saving ideas that could benefit any homeowner or business owner. Swamp cooler owners may benefit from a totally new air conditioning system; all they need to do is contact Advanced Refrigeration and HVAC today. Refrigeration and air conditioning experts from the company will help homeowners and business owners get the ideal A/C system to replace their old swamp cooler. Advanced Refrigeration and HVAC provides the following services with the air conditioning upgrade:

- Expert assessment of a home or business site’s cooling needs; this include a close inspection of a building or home’s current air conditioning and heating system and coming up with a suitable cooling solution to maximize any A/C system.

- The use of a well-trained team to respond to any residential or commercial air conditioning service. The service team of Advanced Refrigeration and HVAC will get the job done with the best service quality at the least possible time. All service technicians maintain strict training guidelines to make sure that they offer the best service no matter what kind or brand of A/C system they install.

- The use of updated systems and equipment to make careful assessment in case repairs, maintenance or replacement is needed.

- Incomparable service rates. Advanced Refrigeration and HVAC understands that cooling systems are important in homes and businesses in the hot Albuquerque climate.

“Both homeowners and business owners can get a great value with our swamp cooler to A/C conversion. Refrigerated air incresases the home’s value and make sliving in it a lot more comfortable during the summer months.” - says Pete Barraza, owner of Advanced Refrigeration and HVAC.

Advanced Refrigeration and HVAC offersup to 15% off on their A/C conversion service plus they also provide a complimentary thermostat for free.

More information about Advanced Refrigeration and HVAC and their air conditioning services can be found online at their site at

Advanced Refrigeration and HVAC
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Advanced Refrigeration and HVAC is one of the leading cooling and refrigeration contractors in Albuquerque, NM. Consumers may contact their office by phone at 505 850 8686 or use their website contact form to directly send their questions about A/C conversions and other heating and cooling and HVAC services offered.

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Pete Barraza
Advanced Refrigeration and HVAC
212 Kathryn SE, Albuquerque, NM, 87102
Phone: 505-226-4007 or (505) 850-8686