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Advanced Research Systems (ARS) Now Offering Automated Employment Screening


Walnut Creek, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/29/2013 -- ARS, an employment screening company, now offers a no-hassle, paperless, automated screening procedure with the a screening system known as QuickApp. Shaving hours of administrated tasks off from an employees work routine, the innovative web-based background checking system eliminates duplicate data entry by introducing digital application authorization. QuickApp also acts as a company’s secure electronic audit trail.

QuickApp is a popular background checking solution that is easy for companies to use. To begin, employers can log into their account and choose the screening products they need and match them with the candidates they would like to invite. Clients can choose from a wide variety of screening products, including County and National Criminal Records, Investigative Search Products, Candidate Credentials, Motor Vehicle Reports, Drug Screening, Civil Court Filings, and Health Care Sanctions.

The employer’s candidate then sends their application through QuickApp to ARS’ investigators. Once received, the investigators compile all of the information the employer need and sends him/her an email when it’s ready for review. The complete end-to-end process typically takes just a few days to complete.

The team at ARS delivers the information employers need to hire the most qualified candidates, reduce turnover, protect their brand and reputation, and mitigate risk. Partner with the company that specializes in just two things – providing superior background screening services and delighting customers. People can call 888-239-3040 to learn more and register for QuickApp today.

About ARS
ARS is an employment background check company that provides screening services throughout the United States, Canada and over 100 countries worldwide. Focused on complete client satisfaction, ARS is committed to providing the most efficient and comprehensive pre-employment screening processes in the industry today. Bringing together an expert staff of risk management, human resources and legal investigation employees, ARS addresses the ongoing concerns of employee theft, workforce violence and fabricated applicant information in the workplace. With the help of ARS, companies throughout the world are able to alleviate their hiring risks and make decisive hiring choices.

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