Advanced Robotix Introduces Head-Tracker Goggles for FLYBi Drone

Revolutionary Eyewear Gives Wearer “Bird’s Eye” View


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/13/2015 -- Advance Robotix Corporation, the UAV industry innovators that created the revolutionary FLYBi personal drone, today announced the introduction of Head-Tracker Goggles for FLYbi. The Head-Tracker Goggles enable the user to see the drone's "Bird's Eye" view as a live video stream played inside the goggle's built-in screen. The goggles senses head movements and simulates the wearer's angle of view by adjusting the drone's front view camera.

"Our goal is to let everyone have the kind of intense drone piloting experience that professional UAV pilots get," says owner and CEO of Advance Robotix Corporation TimVoss. "These goggles make drone flying like virtual reality, except it's real – and you're in control."

The Head-Tracker Goggles are available as an add-on product for the FLYBi. The drone can simulate the head movements of the goggle wearer by means of a head-tracker gimbal that holds the camera. The drone streams live video from its camera to two internal HD LCD screens inside the goggles. The goggles feature a transmitter that sends signals to the drone via a dedicated radio channel. The user can switch between the drone camera and the goggles on the fly.

FLYBi will be available for pre-order in the late summer 2015 through an upcoming crowdfunding campaign.

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About FLYBi
FLYBi is a personal drone that combines the latest technology and features to bring users a unique UAV flying experience. The drone is set to be launched for pre-order through an upcoming crowdfunding campaign.

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