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Advanced Schedule Pro Launches Just in Time for Spring Cleaning


Lviv, Ukraine -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/03/2013 -- The annual spring cleaning extravaganza has begun, and users are urged to approach clutter removal of their computers the easy way, using the ultimate system cleaning and maintenance tool for Windows Advanced Schedule Pro. Significantly increasing the system responsiveness, eliminating slowdowns and clutter while optimizing Windows configurations and solving most annoying PC errors, the Advanced Schedule Pro is likely to become an essential tool in every computer user’s toolbox.

According to Advanced Schedule Pro creator, most users won’t realize there’s something wrong with their computers until they notice there’s less local disk space, despite the fact that no new programs have been installed. "That’s usually the moment when they seek a fast, highly-accessible and cost-effective solution to improve their PC’s performance while removing clutter and reduce PC errors – and this is exactly what is being offered by Advanced Schedule Pro: advanced day-to-day computer care, better speed and enhanced PC stability".

Advanced Schedule Pro’s main capabilities include continuous system cleanup, including temp files and recycle bin, continuous browser cleanup, targeting the browsing cache, cookies and browsing history and continuous Skype cleanup. The intuitive interface enables users to import and export capabilities, but also grants them access to powerful schedule configurations for all main operations.

"Advanced Schedule Pro is specially developed to schedule the process of continuous performing of required computer care activities for privacy and speed up purposes", continues creator of the program. "Due to its intuitive interface and powerful clearing capabilities, the software allows even the most novice user to easily schedule the cleanup process in just a few clicks, scheduling all those important, yet unavoidable activities which are vital for their computer life cycle."

Users who want to eliminate the clutter that inevitably builds up over time, improve PC performance and perform continuous cleanup of their browser and applications should hurry and benefit from Advanced Schedule Pro’s discounted price and added benefits. For more information, please visit

Advanced Schedule Pro offers powerful schedule configuration of browser, system and Skype cleanups, improving the PC’s performance and reducing operating errors. The software’s intuitive interface and useful features address all computer users interested in tuning-up their PCs and protecting their privacy at all times.

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