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Advanced Vision Care Introduces Visian ICL with CentraFlow Technology Treatment

Visian ICL with CentraFlow is the most advanced contact lens on the market today. The contact lens protects the patient from harmful UV and UB rays, they are easier for the surgeon to insert, and they preserve the natural eye colour of the patient. Visian ICL with CentraFlow technology treatment is now available at Advanced Vision Care.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/25/2014 -- Eye surgery can be a daunting prospect regardless of the treatment proscribed. Whether it is having your natural eye lens replaced with an artificial implanted lens, or using lasers to correct problems, the thought of it can be a little off putting, even if our reliance on corrective lenses is high.

To counter these fears, Advanced Vision Care can now offer Visian ICLs with CentraFlow Technology to patients. The technology is well established , and has now become the treatment of choice for the US Military, who insist its combat troops undergo the procedure to end a soldier's reliance on glasses and contact lenses. Visian ICLs with CentraFlow is the most advanced vision correction treatment available at the moment.

In the surgical procedure using Visian ICLS with CentraFlow the surgeon places a new lens Behind the iris and in front of the natural Human lens . This not only ensures that no eye tissue is removed, it also allows the Visian ICLs to be removed should future surgery be needed on the eye, or a future technology comes along and makes the lens outmoded.

The designers of the Visian ICL with CentraFlow have built in a KS Aquaport at the centre of the lens. This port allows the eye's natural lubricant, aqueous humour, to flow freely during the procedure. As the surgeon no longer needs to perform a Peripheral Iridectomy, the procedure to insert a Visian ICL with CentraFlow, is performed faster and it is more comfortable for the patient than most eye surgical procedures.

The new lens also has other built in features which will improve the quality of life for patients. No parts of the eye tissue are removed, the natural eye colour is preserved, and due to the KS Aquaport, often eyes treated with Visian ICLS with CentraFlow appear to be a little brighter than they were before. The new lens also blocks harmful UB and UV rays, which are known to cause certain eye diseases.

Studies have also shown that Visian ICLs provides better colour and depth perception than other eye surgical procedures. It is especially useful for those who pursue an active lifestyle.

Advanced Vision Care brought in the new treatment to help people have a better quality of life.

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