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Advanced Vision Care Launches New Alcon Suite to Become the Most Sophisticated Refractive Surgery Clinic for Cataract & Lens Replacement


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/14/2015 -- Advanced Vision Care, the UK's leading vision correction clinic situated on Harley Street in London have announced the launch of their new Alcon Suite - the most advanced refractive surgery clinic in the UK for private cataract treatment and lens exchange treatment.

Advanced Vision Care, a leading Harley Street vision correction clinic, has just launched its newest refractive surgery suite. Dubbed the "Alcon Suite", the facility is equipped with the most advanced equipment to carry out the highest quality private cataract treatment and lens exchange in the United Kingdom. The suite is the only place in the United Kingdom where the latest refractive surgery equipment are all used in one location for the benefit of patients. It puts Advanced Vision Care in pole position to provide unrivalled results for private cataract treatment and clear lens exchange in the UK.

The new Alcon Suite offers the most advanced technology in the world for clear lens exchange treatment and cataract surgery. The technology includes the Verion Image Guided System, the Centurion Vision System and the Luxor LX3 & Q-VUE Microscope.

The Verion Image Guided System, the only one in use in the UK, is the most sophisticated machine of its kind, allowing the surgeon to create a highly detailed digital reference image of the eye. This high spec image allows the surgeon to create a highly detailed surgical plan, further allowing the surgical team to inspect incisions and alignments in real time. The Verion Image Guided System is only available at the Alcon Suite at Advanced Vision Care.

Another highly complex machine only used by Advanced Vision Care's Alcon Suite is the Centurion Vision System - dubbed by experts as the most advanced phacoemulsification system in the world, the machine facilitates the smallest possible incisions and allows for the most intricate lens removal.

The Luxor LX3 is designed to provide surgeons with optimum visualisation during the cataract treatment or lens exchange process.

These highly advanced machines are only used together in one place at Advanced Vision Care's new  Alcon Suite. The clinic has earned a reputation as providing the highest level of vision correction treatments, including private cataract surgery and clear lens exchange.  Aside from the ground breaking Alcon Suite, Advanced Vision Care is the only clinic in Europe to offer a completely transparent surgical theatre for laser eye surgery procedures.

About Advanced Vision Care
Established since 2003, Advanced Vision Care on Harley Street in London have a reputation as being UK's best vision correction clinic, offering treatments including LASIK, private cataract treatment and clear lens exchange. The company is led by DR CT Pillai, one of the leading refractive surgeons worldwide.

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